Monday, November 15, 2010

Cats and Dogs

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

This morning I have been adding new items to Amy's website...
Custom Stitch Guides. This new group of canvases reminded me of something Amy once said: 
  • Dog owners want to stitch a canvas that looks like their dog. 
  • Cat owners will stitch any cat.

"Poodle on Couch" by Amanda Lawford (CC 148)

"Cat on Couch "  by Needle Crossings (#3130) 

That Amy-ism got me thinking about my own selection of Cat and Dog canvases. Back in the day, I owned Golden Retrievers. I wasn't doing needlepoint at that time; thus no dog canvases.  However, even now when I go to Market, my eyes gravitate towards any Golden Retriever canvas. Funny.

Now I own cats. You've heard me mention them. I have stitched a cat or two in my day... with more waiting for me in the Works in Progress (WIP) pile. You, too?

Here are some photos of my finished or almost finished cat canvases. Quite an eclectic group... just like my cats at home. Enjoy the week. We'll be in touch, soon. Thanks, Robin

Boots Bailey 7026
Charley Harper canvas... inspired by Jules
Black Cat in Red Chair... inspired by Mow
Chat Blanc (MSD J106)
Good Mews (MAG 364)


  1. Very pretty Robin. Which Harper canvas is that one? I'm going to stitch one in memory of my calico cat, Mercedes. And a black one for both Studebaker (he was Mercedes brother) and Augie who is my current baby kitty - almost 5 months old. And yes, I have a host of cat canvas to do eventually.

  2. Hi Carol. Good to hear from you. The Charley Harper canvas number is CH-C089. I adjusted the colors to better match Jules. (She approved.) Thanks, again. Robin

  3. What a great post. I love seeing all of your stitched pieces and WIPs. The Jules/Charley Harper is wonderful. Thanks for sharing with all of us, Robin.


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