Monday, December 13, 2010

Yes, Virginia... I did buy another canvas.

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Today I got a canvas in the mail. It was one that I had seen on The Stitching Destashing blog by our friend, NC Pat. I saw the thumbnail image on my Blogger dashboard... and thought, are my eyes deceiving me? My prayers had been answered. It was my "Holy Grail" of defunct needlepoint canvases. I had seen it years ago on someone's website but it was said to be out of print; unavailable for purchase.

Christmas Katt • LEE • P1090

NC Pat had it listed on The Stitching Destashing blog. I swooped in and snagged it. Today it arrived in the mail. Can you tell why I like it?  Maybe because it has a cat on it? The colors are fresh, too. But the thing which caught my eye (and tugged on my heart) was the Mouse. Too cute. The design is on 16 mesh, and measures 10x10. The canvas is from LEE • P1090. Perhaps it's in your stash, too.

The Mouse has a new friend.

This will be a fun canvas to stitch. Until then, Bailey and I will admire it. Thanks, Robin


  1. I saw this stitched up at Woodlawn last year and found ti charming. I am so glad it ended up in your stash instead of mine (I was seriously tempted). It's a better canvas for you than me, Pat. Besides, I grabbed the Kathy Schenkel Naturalist Santa with his little stuffed teddy bear! (top row, left)

  2. Oh how cute! Now I'll be looking for something similar myself! Can't wait to see what you do with this one, Robin.

    And thanks for the tutorial on the Stirling tote. I'm getting ready to put something in my Kindle cover and it is larger than the opening. Now I know it will work so I'll be doing that soon and will try to send you a picture.

  3. HI Carol. Glad I could help through the tutorial. Love your little kitten picture, too.

  4. Hi Jane. Glad I could take in the Christmas Katt. Like I said, it had been my "Holy Grail." We all will enjoy seeing the KS Naturalist Santa with teddy bear come to life. Thanks, Robin



    Thank you for the great post! I will be back in January. But you must continue the wonderful posts.

  6. This is a canvas I would love to own myself. Congrats! on nabbing it. Now find me one please.

    See you in January.

  7. Hi Patt,
    Maybe we could ask LEE to bring it back into circulation... that would be the best thing. Then I could have some stitching company.

  8. Hi Peggy. Bailey thanks you for being his number one fan. We will count down the days until your return. It's lonely in the Needlepoint Study Hall without you.


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