Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seeing Clearly with Kreinik Hot-Wire

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I wanted to post this blog in between Thunderstorm and Tornado warnings. My, oh my, it's been crazy in Memphis. Enough with the April "showers"... OK?

I finished Mehitabel, the Witch (ND 0467-E) in the NeedleDeeva Creepy Characters series. I like how she turned out. I used the Kreinik Hot-Wire for her eyeglasses and my Lasso technique worked. Here's my Hot Wire blog link... for easy reference.

Her buck teeth were fun to create. I also got inspired with the curl on top of the Witch's Hat. I enjoy designing Halloween Couture fashions. I went around and around regarding her earrings until landing on this technique.

So, Mehitabel is my 6th finished Character. I sent them off to get finished. I've got 3 more to go. Hooty, the Halloween Owl is next. Well, gonna turn on The Weather Channel. Until then... Thanks, Robin


  1. Robin

    Those are just to cute for words. I love those and probably need to do them. I've never worked with the Hot Wire but looks like I need to try that. Surely, I have something to use it on. LOL So many things (SHhhh)

  2. Hi Sue. Great to hear from you. The size of the Creepy Characters is very easy to work on because it is only 4.5 inches tall.

  3. Robin - she's as adorable as a witch could possibly be. You've done a great job on these characters and I look forward to stitching some of them.

    I've been wondering if Jim Cantore has been hanging out in Memphis lately. Bad weather seems to follow him around and y'all have really had your fair share of severe weather lately. Hope everyone stays safe!

  4. Same thing in Nashville - scary weather we are having these days.

    I would not want to meet this creepy character while going to try to find a safe place (big grin)

    Pierrette =^..^=

  5. She looks tremendous! I can wait to get her in my clutches! Thanks for another fabulous Halloween ghoul, Robin.

  6. Robin,
    I love the lips, they are great with her hair :) Definitely can't wait to get a hold of her. Now for my favorite, the owl, I am drooling in anticipation, like Angus, my pup.


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