Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

It's Friday. I just realized it is Spring and now would be a good time to begin posting some of my Spring/Easter decorations.

Spring Tree with Patricia Breen ornaments

I've got a Spring Tree. It's a White feather tree decorated my Patricia Breen ornaments. Are you familiar with Patricia Breen? She is an American who now lives in Poland and designs beautiful blown-glass ornaments. I have been her fan for years. One of the best places to find Patricia Breen ornaments is at Milaeger's located in Racine, Wisconsin. They have a wonderful online store, too.

Easter Eggs stitched by Robin King and Midge King

I have also stitched some Easter Eggs. You are looking at the photo of my Mom's bounty of Easter Eggs. My sister, Midge, stitched eight of the eggs and then I added four to the collection. I did the 3 Rebecca Wood designs (yellow chick, lamb, duck) and the Bunny holding the paint brush. Nice grouping, eh?

This has me in the mood to see the movie, Hop... or at least, to eat some jelly beans. Well, that's all until the next time. Thanks, Robin


  1. Hi Mary,
    Good to hear from you. Talk about small worlds.. my life is "consumed" with all things NeedleDeeva right now... and she is based out of Aurora, CO.
    Plus, a real good friend lives in Aurora, too. I know your recently moved from there, but still... it's a small world. My aunt lives in Bolder, too. I've just added your blog to our Blog List. Thanks, Robin

  2. Robin.......Your Easter displays are wonderful, love the clever way you displayed the eggs.....beautiful ornaments.
    ~ Jody

  3. Hi Jody,
    The Egg ornaments on the collection of Brass Candlesticks is all my MOM's doings. She has that designer's touch. It's awesome to hear from you. I am such a fan. Thanks, Robin

  4. Everything looks lovely, Robin. Those Patricia Breen ornaments are amazing. The stitched eggs are beautiful and I, too, love the display on the brass candlesticks. As always, thanks for showing us that we can never have enough needlepoint!

  5. Hi Missy. Great to hear from you. You're the best!

  6. I love the idea of placing the eggs on the candlesticks....very clever! I am off to check out the online store.....hide the credit card!

  7. Hi Pat,
    Yes, hide the credit card but be warned... You'll Be Back! LOL. Glad to know you are settling into Michigan. LOVE your blog and Destashing Service. Thanks, Robin

  8. What a wonderful way to display your eggs. They are gorgeous and a true family affair. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Sue V

  9. Hi Sue. Good hearing from you. I began doing embroidery when I was in junior high school, but it was my sister, Midge, who introduced me to painted canvas needlepoint when she worked at M's Canvashouse in the 1990's. I know you will have wonderful heirlooms for your grand daughter. Thanks, Robin

  10. Oh my, reminds me that I have 8 eggs in my stash to eventually stitch...someday. These are beautiful as is the feather tree. I'm afraid that Augie would think the feather tree was his special gift and the feathers would soon be all over the house. Have a wonderful Easter!


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