Friday, April 8, 2011

Do You Know Jessica?

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Hope you had a good week. It sure did go by fast!

I've been working on the Spider Queen. Almost finished, too. Since I had to pay attention to some details, I thought I would share the info. Here's tonight's topic: Jessica.

It was one of the most popular female baby names in the 1980's. (Jessica Lange. Jessica Simpson. Jessica Rabbit. All intriguing women named Jessica.) There is a Jessica stitch in our needlepoint world, too. I can hear you say, "We already know that, Robin." But, just ask yourself, "Do you really know Jessica?"

All of this was brought to my attention when I was editing DVD #8, Spiders and More! Amy was discussing the Jessica technique. She made the point to the camera that the last few stitches were tucked inside the beginning stitches. By doing this, the final result of the Jessica will be a continuous circle.

OK... True Confessions time. In my early needlepoint days, I didn't know Jessica... I ended the last stitches on the outside. Now,  I know better and it really does make a difference. I've been doing the Jessica stitch through out the Creepy Characters. Here are some photos from the Spider Queen. Look closely inside the red circles; at the needle's placement. You can see the needle is inside the first stitches.

Give it a try. Also, notice the pretty thread? It's from ThreadworX: Spanish Olives (71069) in the overdyed Kreinik size 8. Good stuff. Have a good weekend and I'll be in touch. Thanks, Robin


  1. thanks for the instructions -- have not seen Jessica before

  2. Hi Patt. Good to hear from you. Jessicas come in all different sizes. Give it a try. You can also fill them with Mosaic, Scotch, Tent Stitches, Beads, etc... Thanks, Robin


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