Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet Sister Blogger, Becky

Hi Everybody... Robin here. It's April 1, 2011. So far, so good. I remember being pranked as a child and even worse as a worker in a cubicle. Glad today was uneventful.

I did get an email from my friend, Becky Myers. She passed along a helpful hint. Here's the set up: Becky is stitching the characters in the Nativity Home Study. Her eyes were going bonkers while stitching the background. She was having a hard time referencing the charted design to the stitched area.

Becky came up with a wonderful solution. Here are her words:
"I just had such a mental block about the whole pattern and I think those long lines in between each diamond were adding to my frustration  so I made each one a different color and then took the white out and marked out the long lines in between each diamond.  It only took me 3 canvases to figure this out." 
This is a helpful hint for anyone doing a composite stitch. Color does seem to help us break complex things down into basic groups.  Great tip, indeed. Becky has a blog, too. It's called "I Love Needlepoint." Here's the link. I've also got it added to Our Blog List is growing... Did you know her grandmother was a prize winning baker? Becky includes recipes on her blog, too. It's definitely your One-Stop-Shop for inspiration and information.

Becky also is dear for another reason. Just like the Swallows from San Juan, Capistrano, Becky will give me a friendly little email nudge around the 28th of the month. She's finished with her paperwork, and lets me know she is looking forward to receive/read the e-newsletter. Usually, I will give her a brief update: 8 pages... or something witty. It's nice to know that someone is looking forward to my hard work.

Well, that's it for now.  Enjoy your weekend. I'll be in touch soon. Thanks, Robin


  1. Robin, just so you know, the Alabama Delegation always reminds each other toward the end of the month, almost time for the newsletter! On March 31 Carlotta's husband was nominated by the President to be Alabama's middle district US Attorney. That news only briefly overshadowed the fact that The Newsletter was ready! We all hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Anne,
    Good to hear from you. Please extend congrats to Carlotta's husband's for the new appointment. Your newsletter story gave me a big smile. Hugs to you and the Alabama Delegation... Robin

  3. Robin

    Please know there are many of us that start counting the days at the end of the month and sit down with drink in hand early in the morning to read the newsletter on the day it comes online.

    Sherry Bray and I talked about you today. Took a class with her and we talked about how "sweet and hard to beat" you are. By the time we were thru everyone in the shop knew how great you are. Was a great day

    Hugs to you
    Sue V

  4. Hi Sue... thanks for your kind words. WOW. Can you see me blushing?

    I know your class with Sherry Bray was awesome today. Lucky you. I am inspired by all of her work. It was a fortunate event for me to meet her.

    Glad to know you, too, look forward to the end of the month. Knowing that... I am comforted and pleased, indeed. Hugs, Robin


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