Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where does the Easter Bunny live and shop?

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Today I am showing more of my Spring/Easter pieces. Ever wonder where the Easter Bunny lives? Here's my answer... in his Easter House, of course.

Easter House

I stitched these pieces during canvas enhancement classes with Amy several years ago. It was fun to use the brand new thread (at that time!) called Accentuate for the Front Door to give it a Stained Glass look. Petite Peluche was chosen for the Running Rabbits along the Roof line. Topiary Rabbits on either side of the front door were made with sculpted Turkey Work.

Easter Store

Once the Easter House was finished, I began stitching the Easter Store. After all, it is where the Easter Bunny does his shopping, right? I love the Chocolate Easter Bunnies in the window made with Neon Rays. I like how the Eggs in the basket were worked: the front ones were beaded and the back ones were stitches; showing dimension and perspective. The Cup Stitch is one of my favorites for making little flowers.

Egg Cottage

Both of these designs are from A Collection of Designs. This one is too. I'm calling it the Egg Cottage. It is my 3rd and final of the stand-ups. You can see, I've only stitched a few areas. I do hope to get back to it soon. It is fun to stitch "during the season." All of the Pinks, Purples, and Turquoises are a welcome color palette. Well, that's all for now.  Thanks, Robin


  1. Hi Robin, great work, these look wonderful. I was not able to find these canvases at the ACOD website - are they out of print?
    Also, where do I find the cup stitch? Is it on one of Amy's books?

  2. Hi Palma. Good to hear from you. Last year I showed pictures of my Easter House and Store to Janet Burnett, the designer/owner of A Collection of Designs. She said it might be possible to have them brought back into circulation. I would suggest you ask your LNS to contact ACOD to see if it is possible. Regarding the Cup Stitch... yes, it's in Amy's Chapter 8, p. 13. Thanks, Robin

  3. Thank you, I'll ask them to ask. They are very cute and I am enchanted by the cup stitch. I will be working on a piece that has some little flowers and it will be perfect for them. Good timing. Isn't networking great? One more time, many thanks


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