Thursday, April 21, 2011

Does Artistry mimic Reality?

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Tonight's topic: does Artistry mimic Reality?  If the Court allows... I give you Exhibit A: a wonderful design from Ruth Schmuff, Cat with Tulips.

Cat with Tulips by Ruth Schmuff

And, I would like to introduce Exhibit B: Elliot smelling new Tulips. 

Elliot smelling Tulips

So... if it pleases the court... I would like to ask: does Artistry mimic Reality? I think, YES. I rest my case. Thanks, Robin


  1. The Court rules in favor of Robin King! (and Elliot!)

  2. Oh, Barbara... thanks!
    Looking at your posting... you need to keep your head on a swivel. AND, the winds need to NOT look your way. Please be safe! Hugs to you! Thanks, Robin

  3. If I did not know for myself that Ms. Schmuff ALSO has her own curious cats, I'd ask if she had a hidden camera watching Elliot! Amazing! Denise

  4. What a wonderful post. Thanks, Robin. Happy Spring. Clearly, Elliott knows that spring has sprung!

  5. I love this. Puts a spring in my step. See you tomorrow!


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