Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Presenting her Royal Highness: Spider Queen

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

It takes me a long time to get camera ready. Add 8 hairy legs into the mix and it takes even longer!

Spider Queen

I am proud to present... her Royal Arachnid Highness... Spider Queen. She is ND 0467-D in the Creepy Creatures collection... coming this Fall from NeedleDeeva. She was fun to meet and to design. Her legs are Fuzzy Stuff. If that doesn't say Spider... I don't know what does!

Next on my Creepy Creatures radar: Mehitabel. She's the Witch. I'm going to use the new sequins from The Collection for her earrings. Have you seen them?

Hope you liked meeting the Spider Queen. Her teeth glow in the dark, too. Thanks, Robin


  1. Robin

    Wow and yes, I love her. Glowing teeth and all. I sure like the stitches, colors and threads. Wonderful stitching as usual.

    Sue V

  2. She was worth the wait! I think that I might have to join the club!

  3. Hi Sue. Good to hear from you. The Spider Queen likes to demand attention, but I was able to calm her with wonderful threads and stitches. She even likes her hourglass figure.

  4. WOW, what a wonderful endorsement from Vicky De Angelis! I'm floating.

  5. She's about as royal a spider as you'll ever see, hairy legs and all. Love the crown and the green background stitch and those beady red eyes. Creepy!

    And that's the best Halloween compliment of all.

  6. Spider Queen is divine! She was well worth the wait...we cannot wait to see more.

  7. As usual, a very nice job. Especially like the background stitch under the spider -- it really helps the spider show up. Great work Robin

  8. Thanks, Jane. The Queen is pleased with your admiration. Me, too. Hugs, Robin

  9. Hi Missy,
    Thanks for your encouragement. I'm just now learning the "personality" of the Mehitabel/Witch. She has seen the other 5 Creepy Characters and wants to be sure she gets the same treatment. Oy. Hugs, Robin

  10. Hi Patt,
    I enjoyed creating the purple background. It was kind of girly... kind of lacy... just right for the Spider Queen. Thanks, Robin

  11. Robin,
    Mehitabel is going to want ROYAL treatment, after seeing the other Creepy characters, nothing less will do....Arachanoid is just fabulous!

  12. Hi Sheena. Good to hear from you. I agree Mehitabel will have high expectations. She will also put me in a spell if I don't come through. Nimble Fingers... don't fail me now!


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