Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dr. Acula's face

I 've really enjoyed working on the Dr.'s face and the orange lining of his coffin.  I loved working with the overdyed ribbon.  I didn't worry about laying it straight.  I just worked on keeping it puffy.  Then I tackled the details of his face.  I used a size 24 Chenille needle...small and sharp.  As usual, Amy has provided a great diagram.  I made a slight change.  

See where my laying tool is pointing?  Well instead of taking my stitch into that spot as it is diagramed, I took the stitch straight up to where I put a red dot on the diagram.  If you look at your picture closely, it appears that the top of his lip does not go out as far as the diagram shows.  I hope Amy won't mind me showing part of the diagram  in order to show you what I did.  I followed the diagram at first, but it just didn't look right.

I  have another diagram correction for you.  Diagrams # 11 and #12 are not correct.  These are the diagrams for the side of the coffin and the top of the coffin.  It is a Bargello type stitch which should step down one canvas thread four times, and then it repeats.  The diagrams show the first two stitches stepping down one canvas thread but then skips down two canvas threads for the third and fourth stitch.  It should not do that.  Look carefully at the picture to see what I mean. 

Here is another peek at W. Herr Wolfe.

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