Saturday, September 11, 2010

Knobs for the coffin, and more.

I will admit that I traveled from one knob to the next with each thread. However, I did a securing L stitch after each knob to keep the second thread tight.  If you do the same, make the L stitch in the gold area where the handles will be.  I didn't figure out that was the best place to do it till I had completed two knobs.   Another case of "live and learn".

The coffin knobs were a three step process.

I stitched the Jessicas loosely to better see the holes, then pressed the treads toward the center when done.  This is a clever three step procedure.  Looks very formal.

I turned the canvas, (and the chart) 1/4 turn for ease of stitching.

Be careful to end the stitching of the side of the coffin in a manner that gives you an "over two" compensation.  See where my laying tool is pointing.  It is a nice clean edge leading into the front area.  Otherwise you will end up with an "over one" compensation on both ends of the area.   That would not be a tragedy, but I think it would be cluttered.

Started with small stitch in Diagram 11.  Then took it out.

I started the next area with the shorter of the two stitches in diagram 11.  Bad move.  See how cluttered it looks?   You guys know that I often leave small errors in and just learn a lesson from it.  But I had to take this out.  See the correction below.

Now doesn't that look better?  It was worth taking out.  

I love how the stitches give the coffin dimension.

So here is the finished front of the coffin, as well as the finished background.  Several different over-dyed cottons were a great choice for the coffin.  The cat's coffin will use yet another 
over-dyed cotton.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love it, love it. Isn't that coffin just the best looking one you've ever seen. Dr A is stylin!!!

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Hi Peggy,

    What a wonderful job you did on the coffin. Thank you for your helpful hints. I will certainly use them.


  3. Peggy...Hello! Am anxiously waiting for you to do the coffin handles...oh my! Cannot keep my beads from twisting so ready for you to tackle the job with helpful hints...have fun stitching! By the way, the coffin looks wonderful!!!!


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