Monday, September 13, 2010

Robin's TNNA update and Bailey

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I got my "official" letter from TNNA today. I have been approved for teaching the two new canvases at the 2011 TNNA in Long Beach, CA: Bird & Worm from Zecca, and Harvest Fairy from Melissa Shirley Designs. Time to go into warp-drive-stitching! As soon as their photos are posted on the TNNA website, or once Melissa Shirley mentions her new artist, I will be able to mention these canvases with photos. Until then... Mum's the word!

Instead, in my life, there has been Kitten Drama. For all of you new kitten owners: please heed my experience and avoid the consequences. We found a new kitten. We've named him Bailey. We didn't supervise him and he jumped down from too high. He now has a fractured elbow. Bailey is in a body cast/leg cast. We now feed him, give him water, assist him for the bathroom. Pitiful. Pitiful.

So now I have a new stitching buddy. He's kind of a "captured" audience.... body cast and all. He like my arm gestures and the occasional dangling thread.

Here's a photo of Bailey before his mishap. We named him after Bailey's Irish Cream. We call him Bailey's Wild Irish Kitten.

Well, back to caring for this sweet bundle of kitten; then some stitching when he is sleeping. Thanks, Robin


  1. Robin,
    He is precious. And yes, post leaping tall buildings in a single bound, he is pitiful. But he couldn't be in better hands. I wish him a speedy recovery. I wish you a little less kitty drama.

  2. I am so sorry about Bailey, who sure is a cutie pie, even in a cast! I'll bet he heals qickly. I have a little Yorkie who I am constantly afraid is going to jump from too high and hurt himself.

  3. Congratulations on your two new teaching opportunities! A well-deserved honor for you! I'm looking forward to seeing both canvases.Sounds like you have your hands full with little Bailey and what a cute handful he is! Hope he heals quickly.

  4. Robin, how cute little Bailey is! I have a 9 week old (today) kitten too and he seems to be fearless with his jumps and running. Hopefully he won't end up in a cast too. His name is "Augie" short for Augusta - named for the famous golf course where The Masters is played. We are looking for a sister and she will be named "Pebble" for Pebble Beach golf course. I haven't tempted Augie with thread yet as we have only had him a couple of weeks but I'm hoping to teach him that threads are not toys soon.

  5. Robin

    Bailey is a sweetheart, soooo pretty and what an expressive face. Congrats on the two new teaching projects. Can hardly wait to see them

    Lots of fun here.

    Sue VanderNoor

  6. Congratulations, very excited for you. Bailey's a cutie-pie and hope he's better soon! Judy Ellis

  7. Thanks goodness he has a good Mom and Dad to take care of him. He is so cute.

  8. Hi Robin,

    Congratulations on stitching two canvases for the TNNA Show in January. I know you are going to do a fabulous job. You are so very talented.
    I feel so sorry for Bailey. Hope he has a speedy recovery.


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