Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just a little time to do a little bit of stitching

Now that I have finished the two bottom borders, I can lay in and couch the single line border.  Once you have laid the threads on top of the canvas, you cannot see the canvas threads to count for the couching spots.  Count below the green border and it's no problem!

Count the threads below the green border to find the couching locations.


  1. I just discovered your blog......I knew there was a lot of Halloween stuff out there but this is the first blog I have found with so much on I haven't done much seasonal items but I have a daughter who is crazy for halloween so I might rethink some small projects.To see what I do check out my blog

  2. Hi stitchlady! Love your blog. Do you mind if we add it to our favorite blogs? This Halloweenies series is awesome. I do lots of little Halloween projects as well. It's probably because it involves black cats. I have two.
    So, welcome to our world.

  3. Hi Jan/Stitchlady. Welcome to our blog. I've added your blog to our list of favorites. If you could link our Needlepoint Study Hall blog to your blog, we would appreciate it. Be sure to visit again. Thanks, Robin

  4. Peggy, your border looks great! I love the spiders and their webs. I'm working on the coffin and the pumpkin right now and love the threads and stitches that Amy gave us for the wood in the coffin. These projects just keep getting better and better!


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