Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here we go.

Here is a nice picture of Dr. Acula to use as a reference this month.  
I always keep the picture that comes on the front of the guide handy too.
Isn't he grand.  I especially like his face.  


  1. Love the cat, the pumpkin leaves, the candles, Dr.'s eyelashes, and the coffin trim. And that's just what I noticed at first!

    Have fun. I know I have vicarious fun watching it all develop. Next month, the mummy! Can't wait!!!!

  2. I believe Amy has changed up the order so W. Herr Wolff will be the next Character. I can tell you, though, Amy has grand plans for Sarcoph A. Gus (The Mummy).

  3. The Dr arrived at my house,yesterday!!! He's a stunner, alright. I love the letter about the change in construction--it's a hoot! You realize, of course, when done, you will have written a short novel here as well as stitched a classic series for the ages. Watch out 'Twlight'series.
    P.S.--I, too, can't wait for the Mummy. Having taught Ancient Egyptian History--I've always wanted to stitch one!!!


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