Friday, October 1, 2010

W. Herr Wolfe canvas

The wolfe canvas is very wavy.  It took me three times to get it straignt on the bars.  I stapled it twice, and then ended up using tacks on Evertites.  I don't know if it is the paint or the shipping that has caused this.  I highly recommend using Evertites. It's still a little wavey, but I think it will be ok.

  Does anyone have advice on how to handle wrinkled canvases?


  1. I use a steam iron and towel to press a canvas with wrinkles. You don't want the steam on the canvas but it'll seep through the towel and soften the canvas. Pop it on your stretcher bars right then while it is slightly soft and it will dry without most of the wrinkles. I think you did fine though. Just add more tacks to smooth down the wrinkles as best you can.

    Remember, lightly steam if you are using a steam iron on high. You don't want to remove all the sizing.

  2. Hi Peggy. This one certainly is wavy! I was taught to always begin tacking in the exact midway point on each side of the canvas working to the corners last and to always do opposite tacks pulling taught with each one. This really helps get the canvas flat. Also, use lots of tacks! Caron Mayo

  3. I gently press- with a hot iron-around the border of the painted area --on the backside of the canvas. I do not use the steam button, especially on my iron because I don't want it to 'spit' hot water out. I find it 'loosens' the edges up a wee bit and allows me to tack it on the stretcher bars easier. I've successfully done this on huge canvases that simply would not do the 90* in corners no matter how hard I tugged. I haven't tried this with W Herr Wolfe or put him on bars yet.

  4. Thanks Jane. Everyone should just be getting their canvas and can use the procedure you outline here.

  5. Hi Caron,

    I will add a few more tack to mine to help get it flat.

  6. Peggy

    I have always used tacks and Evertites and start in the middle as CBM mentioned above. I think starting in the middle of each side and the Evertites will help.

    Can hardly wait to receive W Herr Wolfe. I have nothing to work on. LOL Each new Halloweenie is my favorite. I bet I am in good company. Nice weekend to all

    Sue VanderNoor

  7. Hi Sue,

    I thought the Dr. was my favorite until I saw what Amy did with W. Herr Wolfe. His face is awesome. I hope he arrives at your home today.


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