Monday, September 20, 2010

Dr. Acula's unhappy pumpkin and his cape.

Have you ever seen a more unhappy pumpkin?  As I get ready to do outline stitch for the stem,  I got out some 24 Chenille needle's I picked up at the shop Saturday.  Amy recommends a small sharp needle for outline and stem stitch.  I love the Bohin needles.

Before doing the outline stitches on the unhappy pumpkin's stem, I decided to do the cape.  It's a nice little stitch, but there is lots of compensation.   The stitch also leaves some canvas threads showing.  The black canvas threads don't show, but the gold do.  See the edges of the cape below.

We will be edging the cape with some gold.  I decided to do some black tent stitches so I would have a clean slate, as it were, to lay the gold upon.

That's better don't you think?  Now I won't have to worry about gold canvas threads peaking out.

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  1. Dr.A is looking good, Peggy! I agree with you about filling in with some black tent stitches as the gold does show through in spots. I'm almost finished with the cape but will add those stitches in before I put away my black threads.


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