Thursday, September 9, 2010

You make us so proud

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

It's a magical time in Needlepoint Study Hall. Linda, from the Stitching Sisters blog, and Melinda, from the Living the Good Life blog, have posted their brand-new-just-back-from-the-finishers-and-wow-they-are-spectacular pieces of the Halloweenies, Stirha Cal-Dron and Frank N. Stein.

Ladies, you make us so proud!

These pieces are fabulous. Wonderfully finished, too.

Please check out both the Stitching Sisters and Living the Good Life blogs. Here's the links:
This is what I love about blogging. Sharing links, progress reports, photos... what a wonderful time.

So, if anyone out there has any progress reports/finished pieces of their Halloweenies, please let us know. We love to brag on you!  Thanks, Robin


  1. Thank you, Robin! I am so excited to have Stirha and Frank back from San Francisco! I'm thinking about packing up Bridezilla and her Grume and sending them out to be finished as well. I think it's so wonderful and so helpful what you and Peggy have done with Needlepoint Study Hall. I know that it's work but obviously something you love to do. Even though our Halloweenies group can't be together physically in the same place to stitch, it's great to have a place in cyberspace where we can all share what we're doing. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Melinda. I'm surprised Bridezilla and Zombie Groom don't have their bags packed already. San Francisco is a lovely destination. I really enjoyed reading about Vicky De Angelis' experience at the EGA convention which was located in San Francisco this year. Be sure to read Jane/Chilly Hollow's blog. Again, wonderful job on Frank and Stirha. And, big thanks to Peggy. She knew the NSH blog would be a wonderful niche for those who are doing the Halloweenies. I'm glad to fill in accordingly with things in my world. Thanks, Robin

  3. How inspiring it is to see these guys all dressed up. Thanks for sharing them with us all.


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