Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jules, a very pretty Calico cat.

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Jules is our cat. She is Elliot's sister. Jules is a very pretty Calico cat.

Cat mini-socks by A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc • 4 x 3 inches  • 18 mesh

A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc is introducing a new Cat Mini-Stockings line of canvases in addition to her new Dog Mini-Stockings at Columbus/TNNA.  A few weeks ago, I sent Ashley a photo of Jules... just in case she would consider including a Calico cat in the new designs.  Ashley admired Jules and painted her likeness to represent the Calicos. How fun is that.

Jules heard that I was going to the same place as Ashley Bradley. Jules is ready to go meet the needlepoint designer who took care to paint a pretty Calico. Silly Jules.  Thanks, Robin

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