Friday, June 10, 2011

Reporting from Columbus TNNA - Day 1

Hi Everybody... Robin here... in COLUMBUS!

Yes, Columbus, OHIO, at the TNNA Summer Market. Today I had the wonderful opportunity of helping NeedleDeeva set up their booth. Mainly, I stayed out of their way... but, I did get to help assemble their Sample It items: the new 3 Heart canvases plus Vicky De Angelis stitch guides in a cellophane bag with lime green tissue and purple ribbon. They were very popular; in fact, NeedleDeeva sold out. Way to go TEAM Deeva.

TEAM DEEVA: NeedleDeeva (Judee) , JeniLee, and Vicky De Angelis

Sample It went from 5-6PM. The Needlepoint Showcase took place from 5-7PM.  It was the Creepy Characters first debut. Elizabeth Turner Collection did the finishing. OMG... they exceeded my expectations... the Creeps look WONDERFUL.  I highly recommend ETC for needlepoint finishing.

The Creepy Characters were placed on the Black Halloween Tree. Other small Halloween ornaments were added to fill out the tree. IMHO it was a show stopper!  The signage board had eye-catching LED Blinking/Twinkling stars. There were compliments on my Apron, too.

I enjoyed talking to the interested Needlepoint Shop owners. I knew many of them from my previous TNNA teachings. They listened to my spiel but actually the finished models told the story. It was a good day in deed.

But, WAIT... there's MORE. Amy Bunger was awarded TNNA's prestigious TEN Award; (Tribute to Excellence in Needlearts.) We were very proud of Amy. I know she will have more to say about that moment in her July e-newsletter.

Amy Bunger and Jill Wilensky

So much excitement... and the Market hasn't even open. I'll see what I can tomorrow and share it with you. Thanks, Robin


  1. Thanks for the news about Market. So much fun to see and read about what is going on. Knew the Creepy Characters would be a hit!!!! The finishing is spectacular and they are darling.

    Big congrats to Amy and I knew she was special. The picture of Amy and Jill was perfect. They both looked so happy and pretty. Enjoy your time in Columbus.

    Safe trip home

    Sue V

  2. Congratulations Amy!!! I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award.
    I always tell you that you are the best and now you have the proof.

    Congratulations Robin, the Creepy Characters are spectacular. The finishing really enhances your beautiful stitching.


  3. Congrats to Amy! You ALL do spectuular and are wonderful. I feel very blessed to know each of you and to be part of the needlepoint world. Enjoy and be safe. Judy Ellis

  4. Robin, you outdid yourself. the characters are just incredible.

    Amy, Congratulations. Knew we Memphians were so lucky as you are right in our own backyard. Wish you many future successes.


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