Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc. has gone to the Dogs

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Tom Lee Park •  Memphis, TN
Hope you had a nice weekend. We are still having non-stop rain in Memphis. The Mississippi River is predicted to reach 48 feet (which is way over flood stage) in a few days. The all-time flood in 1937 was 48'7". Should be interesting. They closed all 9 Tunica, MS casinos along the Mississippi River due to the high water; they might be closed for 3-6 weeks. The Memphis in May BBQ festival will move away from Tom Lee Park area, again due to the high water... first time ever in its 34 year history. (This photo was taken by Pat Ryan with Business Visuals at Tom Lee Park during calmer times.)

Dog mini-socks by A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc • 4 x 3 inches  • 18 mesh

Well, enough about that. Let me show you something fun. These are some of the new Dog Mini-Socks from A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc. which will be debuted at the upcoming June 2011 Columbus/TNNA Market. Ashley is a very talented needlepoint designer. Here's her website: A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc.  You can also follow Ashley on Twitter and on Facebook as those links are on the home page of her website.

Dalmatian mini-sock
by A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc.

I met Ashley and her mom when I attended my first TNNA market. Her canvases are often taught at TNNA classes, and Cynthia Thomas has written many stitch guides for her canvases. As a "friend" through Facebook, I have been watching Ashley reveal these dogs. Every week she posts new breeds which were just finished. Sometimes she hints about the next dog.  Ashley is so talented. We are happy for her success. I asked Ashley if I could use the Needlepoint Study Hall as a platform to preview what's coming. She agreed and we are the lucky ones.

These stockings will be available from your local needlepoint shop. They are just the right size for a large Milk-Bone dog biscuit for your special canine friend. Well, that's all for now. Thanks, Robin

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