Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Photographer's Best Friend

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

It's the 300th blog posting for Needlepoint Study Hall blog. Who knew Peggy and I had so much to talk about?

I wear many hats: designing and managing websites, writing stitch guides, teaching and photography. Through all of those tasks, I had a constant companion... Elliot, the Cat.

Elliot loved to be in the spot light; the center of attention. So, when there was a needlepoint canvas or needlepoint model to be photographed, Elliot was right there. He liked the lights, the camera, and the action.

Here are some photos of Elliot's best work.

Elliot will be missed. He was the photographer's best friend. Thanks, Robin


  1. Gosh, I will miss him. What a ham...sorry, what a movie star! Nobody worked the camera better than Elliot.

    Many hugs, Robin

  2. Such a sweet cat! I know he leaves a hole in your heart.


  3. Thanks, Nancy. It's a big hole, indeed. Hugs, Robin

  4. A fitting tribute to a great cat! What a character! Thanks for sharing these cute photos.

  5. So sorry for your loss Robin, he was really a star and will be missed. I'm glad you have these pictures to remember him. He was very special. My thoughts with you.

  6. Oh Robin, boo. I know how hard it is too lose one of
    your furry babies. Know that he will always be in your heart and you have some great shots of him. When our son was 3, we had to put down our cat, Mr. T. I was worried about what to tell Jack, so we simply said Mr. T went to kitty heaven. A few days later, toddler Jack came to us and said, "Mr. T came to visit my dream and he said not to be sad, that the Dr. gave him a shot and Mr. T went to sleep
    and now he is in a happy place and he doesn't hurt anymore.' We had not said anything of the kind to
    Jack. So KNOW that Elliot is in a happy place!
    Warm thoughts for you Robin!

  7. Elliot was a true Star!!! He is shining in a very special place now and I am sure he is watching over you. Pets are family and its so hard to lose them.

    Many hugs from Calif, Robin

    Sue V

  8. Thanks, Sue. Big hugs to you! Robin

  9. I'm so sorry Robin. Losing a loved pet is so hard. I'm sending you a big hug. Take really good care of yourself. Barbara

  10. Thank, Barbara. Much appreciated. Hugs! Robin

  11. I'm so sorry Elliot won't be in any more pictures. I'm sending you big hugs Robin....xo Susan


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