Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creepy Characters Group photos

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I've been tying up loose ends from Market and began Phase Two of Creepy Characters deadlines. All stitch guides must be written and printed by July 31st. The Ghost must be stitched and sent off for finishing. Hooty Owl must leave the nest and fly to Oregon for his Needlepoint Now debut.  Lots to do.

Yesterday, I photographed the Creeps both individually and as a group. The group shot is quite impressive, don't you think?

The ornaments were finished by Elizabeth Turner Collection in Lexington, KY. Boy, was I pleased. Each one has its own color of moire and twisted cord trim complimenting the piece. And, I LOVE the ribbon. ETC is the best!

It's a fun surprise when you turn the ornament over to see what color is on the backside. You can sign up with your local needlepoint shop to join the Creeps. You can stitch them all on a monthly plan or just pick out your favorites. I carried many of the threads from kit to kit. We've got over 30 participating Retailers and the list is growing. You can see the info on the new NeedleDeeva website, www.needledeeva.com

Here's the link: http://www.needledeeva.com/creepy_characters.html

Oh, I forgot... one more deadline: teaching Fraidy Cat at the TNNA Fall Market in Baltimore, August 12, 2011. For those shop owners attending, come take the class (FT201). It will be a fun time, indeed.

Well, time for more morning coffee and putting the finishing stitches on the Ghost. He's so cute!  Thanks, Robin


  1. Wow Robin - I love the photo with those wonderful bows - they are really the Awesome Creeps! Sugar at ETC did a wonderful job to compliment your wonderful stitching!

  2. Hi Deeva,
    I agree, Sugar at ETC did an awesome job. Thanks for making this fun series. I've had the best time. Robin


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