Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Pumpkin Club at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Have you seen the newest Club offered from The Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs, GA?

Want to join the Pumpkin Club?
The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

It is the Pumpkin Club by Labors of Love featuring the Small, Medium, and Large Pumpkins; stitched by Stacy Brown (owner of The Nimble Needle-Atlanta).

Stacy has offered many clubs through out the years. You can see them on here website by clicking on Previous Monthly Clubs as well as their Current Monthly Clubs.

The Pumpkin Club is delivered bi-Monthly: April, June, and August 2013. The Small Pumpkin is going out now; the Medium Pumpkin is going out in June, and the Large Pumpkin is going out in August.

As a Pumpkin Club member you get the Canvas, Stitch Guide, Threads and Embellishments. Here are the details. Tax/shipping charges applied.

  • Small Pumpkin measures 9" x 4". Club Cost is $95. Starts April 2013.
  • Medium Pumpkin measures 10" x 5½". Club Cost in $105. Starts June 2013.
  • Large Pumpkin measures 12" x 7". Club Cost is $115. Starts August 2013.

Canvas, Threads and Stitch Guide... oh, my!
The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Here's a twist about the Pumpkin Club: Want to work with the threads and beads in your stash? You can still do the Pumpkin Club.

  • Small Pumpkin canvas $49 plus $10 guide.
  • Medium Pumpkin canvas $54 plus $10 guide.
  • Large Pumpkin canvas $58 plus $10 guide.

How cool is that?  Stacy is very generous. She just wants everyone to have a good time stitching.

Now, let's talk about the Stitch Guide. Stacy asked me if I would do the charting from her diagrams. How quick do you think I said yes? Of course, I would LOVE to do the charts. Stacy's research of stitches, usage of threads, and surprise elements along the way made for a fun stitch guide. I learned so many new stitches from her. Stacy Brown is quite the creative lady.

Screen Shot of the Stitch Guide layout
The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Call The Nimble Needle - Atlanta to join their Labors of Love Pumpkin Club (404) 843-8687. The three kits are affordable, clever and everyone knows a display of three looks great. Plus, Halloween is six months away. Boo!

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin


  1. Personality Plus Pumpkins! LOL

    Bet you had a blast, Robin. This looks like a fun series.

  2. Robin, these are cute! I am sure you will work your magic!

  3. Hi Jane,
    Yes, each Pumpkin has lots of personality. Labors of Love did a nice job designing this series. Stacy's stitch selection is really fun. Lots of exciting threads, too. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  4. Hi Pat,
    Great to hear from you. I did an interesting thing with the composite stitches: I showed their progress in layers. Cool effect.


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