Saturday, April 20, 2013

Memphis Needlepointers - part 2

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Let's continue meeting some nice Needlepointers from Memphis.

Laura Bruhns is one of the newest to the stitching group which meets at Stitchers Inc. Laura is a cat person and had selected Julep Coaster #2610 from Leigh Designs. This was Laura's first canvas at my Canvas Enhancement classes. She did a really good job. Those cat eyes draw you in, right?

Julep Cat stitched by Laura Bruhns

Currently, Laura is working on two cats designed by Shelly Tribbey. It will be fun to share her progress with you.

Several years ago, Georgette Carpenter and I planned her son's Nativity Stocking. She finished it and now it is an heirloom to cherish. (Interested in this or any stitch guide?  You can email me at

Nativity Stocking stitched by Georgette Carpenter

Recently, Georgette as been working on another Chris Roberts-Antieau canvas called Mermaid Migration. This has been fun designing each Mermaid's outfit (?). Next is their purple shimmering hair, then the makeup. Waterproof, of course.

Mermaid Migration
Stitched by Georgette Carpenter

Benita Kichler finished her Clown. It is massive and Penelope canvas all at the same time. It was fun working with Benita, and I look forward to her next project.

Stitched by Benita Kichler

Marlene Siegel stitches so many things on her own. It's just an honor for her to come in and visit.  Here are recent canvases Marlene stitched in recent Saturday classes:  a Maggie Co. canvas (Big Hair and Blooms) and a Barbara Elmore canvas (Some Days). She also just finished Mama Said (another Barbara Elmore canvas). Lucky us.

Big Hair and Blooms stitched by Marlene Siegel

Barbara Elmore canvases are so fun to stitch.
Barbara Elmore canvases are so fun to stitch.

Next time we will have show 'n tell with Michelle, Linda, Jamie and Karen.

Until then... Hugs, Robin

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