Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Memphis Needlepointers - part 4

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Wrapping up our feature on Memphis Needlepointers.

I'd like to now introduce Susan Brimmer; former Memphian who now lives in Georgia; a prolific stitcher, indeed.

During her time in Memphis, Susan was nicknamed the Stocking Queen... well, at least in our canvas enhancement group. LOL.

Susan's mission was to make a LARGE stocking for each of her many grandchildren as well as her children and their spouses. Oh, yes, and her husband, too.

When Susan began attending my class, the Eagle Stocking was our first stocking to do together. Now, here's the cool story about that stocking. (You know me... I always have a story to tell.)

My sister, Midge, was most instrumental in getting the Eagle Stocking designed by Tapestry Tent. Midge used to work on Saturdays at M's Canvashouse in Lexington, and sometimes attended the Columbus Market shopping for their store. Midge had been stitching stockings for my other sister and brother-in-law. Both stockings featured animals, and Midge wanted the same idea for our nephew.

At Market (in the Tapestry Tent booth) she discussed her dream of seeing an Eagle on the stocking, in a nature setting. The design was made and one can now order it from Susan Roberts Needlepoint Co. And, if you are interested in the Eagle Stocking stitch guide, just let me know... email:

Then, I entered the picture: to stitch this canvas during my canvas enhancement classes with Amy Bunger. Soon, the Eagle Stocking was done and I sent it to Midge for finishing. All of the stockings were hung, and the family was pleased.

Stockings stitched by Midge King and Robin King

So, when Susan Brimmer said she wanted to do the Eagle Stocking, I got out my notes and away we went. Susan's husband is one lucky man.

Eagle Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS379

Next up on Susan's Stocking To Do List was one for her Daughter-in-Law. Susan selected the Nativity II (jewel tones) Stocking by Susan Roberts (TTAXS375). This was fortunate for me as I had recently completed Nativity I (blue tones) Stocking by Susan Roberts (TTAXS 296) with Georgette Carpenter. Even though they were the same characters, I did my best to not duplicate the stocking...  stitch for stitch. Some items were the same (Stumpwork for the Middle Wiseman's Turban), but many areas were different. Different stitchers and different times of inspiration for the teacher, too.

Nativity II Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS375

The next stocking was the Enchanted Angel. She was quite a beauty. Susan hit her stride for understanding Random Long & Short, as well as Packed Outline/Stem Stitch.

Enchanted Angel Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS307

Which was good because her next stocking was the Camels. Just look at those beauties. You can see them breathing, right?

Camels Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS236

The next Stocking was the Southern Santa Stocking. I really like all of the detail. The little desert animals are so cute. Again, Susan's grasp of realism is brilliant.

Southern Santa Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS302

So, guess what stocking is next on Susan's To Do List? Peace Stocking aka Angel, Lion, Lamb Stocking. It is the same stocking my sister Midge stitched for my sister, Kathy. Small world.

I began the Thread Hunt for the Peace Stocking and started with the Lion. Burmilana was the choice of thread, don't you think? Look at all of those lovely colors.

Peace Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS270

I'll be putting pen to paper for the rest of the Peace Stocking Stitch Guide. Susan is going to have so much fun. And as she is the prolific stitcher, we will all enjoy seeing the finished results.

Hope you enjoyed meeting the Memphis Needlepointers. We are always looking for more to join our group. You know we have fun!

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

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  1. Does anyone in your group do needlepoint commissions, I,e. finish a stocking I started but cannot finish? Thanks


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