Friday, April 26, 2013

Halloween Hooter Owl by Tapestry Fair

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I am in love... with Halloween Hooter Owl.

Halloween Hooter Owl
Tapestry Fair • #833
Stitch Guide from Tapestry Fair

He is from Tapestry Fair • #833, and was designed & stitched by Peggi Hageman/owner of Tapestry Fair, Phoenix, AZ.

A few months ago, Peggi gave me another charting assignment: to chart her diagrams and stitches used in Halloween Hooter Owl. What an honor.

First, let's set the scene. Halloween Hooter Owl is a 3-D canvas, and is on 18 mesh. He stands about 10" tall. He is a multiple-canvas project as there is a Head, Front Body, Back Body, Right Wing, Left Wing, and two Feet to be stitched. 11 canvas pieces in total.

The Halloween Hooter Owl canvas comes with Stitch Guide. He would make a great Club or stitching series, don't you think?

Peggi has written a lovely stitch guide. She sent her stitch drawings, and I charted them in the computer.

For example: this is what I was given (love to see original art from artists)...

Wound Spider drawn by Peggi Hageman/Tapestry Fair
Halloween Hooter Owl stitch guide

... and this is my charted interpretation for the Stitch Guide.

Wound Spider charted by Robin King
from Halloween Hooter Owl stitch guide
Tapestry Fair,  Phoenix, Arizona

Oh, the things I learned!

Peggi's stitch selections are the best. Because Halloween Hooter is an Owl, she gave wonderful "feather stitches" looking straight on to the viewer, diagonal, and oblique; right side and left side, too... just as feathers would in real life. So valuable.

So, what if you are saying... I love the 3-D Owl, but I'm not too crazy about Halloween? Picking myself up off the floor as I typed that sentence...  not to worry, Peggi has thought about that, too.

Tapestry Fair has a non-Hallowen 3-D Hooter Owl version with only the feathers painted, leaving the rest of the designs up to the stitcher -- can be filled in with school logos, holiday graphics or just different stitches.

Owl for All Seasons
Tapestry Fair • #834

His name and number is Owl for All Seasons #834. Again, on 18 mesh and 10" tall.

You can order your favorite version of this cute Owl from your Favorite Needlepoint Shop.

Thanks, also to Carolyn Hedge Baird who took photos of Halloween Hooter Owl while at the TNNA Long Beach Market. I really appreciate you being everywhere I wasn't able to be.

Halloween Hooter Owl - front side
Tapestry Fair • #833
Photo by Carolyn Hedge Baird

Halloween Hooter Owl - back side and right wing
Tapestry Fair • #833
Photo by Carolyn Hedge Baird

Halloween Hooter Owl - back side and left wing
Tapestry Fair • #833
Photo by Carolyn Hedge Baird

Well... that's it for now.  Until the next time... Hugs, Robin


  1. Thank you for the mention, and for doing such a wonderful job on the stitch guide. As well as being a great stitch designer and teacher you are a wizard on the computer - you turned my scribbles into a beautiful stitch guide.

  2. Hi Peggi,
    You are most welcome. It was a pleasure working with you and Tapestry Fair. I look forward to our next project. Hug Halloween Hooter Owl for me. Thanks! Robin

  3. I thought Hooter a real charmer when I saw Carolyn's photos from Market, but the All Seasons version is really great. What a mascot for a high school he'd make! Great job, ladies, and a wonderful collaboration!

  4. Hi Jane. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Yes, wouldn't All Seasons be fun to stitch. There are many schools with Owl Mascots. Peggi/Tapestry Fair has such fresh creative ideas. Hugs to you. Robin


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