Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teaching (again) at The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Back from recent travels to The Nimble Needle - Atlanta.  What a fun time. Stacy Brown is a lovely shop owner. I was so pleased to be asked to return to her shop for another teaching engagement.

Teaching at The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

I taught the Thistle to an eager crowd of 10 plus ghosts. Inventive Turkey Work, Felt Applique, and fun composite stitch techniques were shared.

Inventive Turkey Work creates a fun Thistle

Everyone had a good time and really enjoyed the size of the canvas: 3.5" x 5.5" on 18 mesh by Zecca. If we had another day together, they would have totally finished the entire project. Sweet.

Want to stitch your own Thistle? Just ask your Favorite Needlepoint Shop to order it from Zecca. My stitch guide comes with the canvas.

Saturday and Sunday were Canvas Enhancement days at The Nimble Needle. Each person (8 per day) pre-selected a canvas for me to "zhuzh" up. What a fun selection, don't you think?

Day One Canvas Enhancement at The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Day Two Canvas Enhancement at The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Here are some of the canvases from Saturday with thread selections...

Christmas Fairies Stocking
Susan Roberts - TTAXS336

Daffodils Watercolors
Marcy Covington - 1212

Hooter Baby Owl C
dede Ogden - ED 17081 C

Peacock - Red Leaves
Maggie Co. - 1599

Here are some of the canvases from Sunday with thread selections...

Birch Bark and Birds
Treglown Designs - HC B186

Blue Bird
Maggie Co. - 1488 

Hibiscus in Pot
Melissa Shirley Designs - 867-A

Mom Knows Best
Maggie Co. - 1587

NOEL Acorns
Melissa Shirley Designs - 1515

DC Designs - 8116

Sunflower Rooster
Alice Peterson Co. - 2314

Three Striped Pots
Maggie Co. - 1457

Aren't beauty shots fun? I do believe everyone enjoyed themselves. I can't wait to see their stitching progress.

If you have these canvases and are interested in my stitch guides... just let me know. Email me: creativecats@comcast.net

I've been home a week, and have been working on other projects: writing stitch guides, stitching models, and answering emails. Oh, and giving many hugs to the Mews. Now, that's a full time job. LOL.

Leo says "Keep Calm and Take a Nap." Smart cat.

Thanks for visiting the blog. Until the next time... Hugs, Robin


  1. Leo is a hoot! Nothing sleeps in as relaxed a manner as a cat! Welcome home, by the way.

  2. Hi Jane. Yes, Leo keeps us laughing all the time. His is the most "chilled" cat. Thanks for stopping by the blog. It is good to be home. Hugs. Robin

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Good to hear from you. Yes, many beauties from the canvas enhancement classes. Can't wait to see their stitching. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Hugs, Robin


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