Sunday, January 1, 2012

3D Cake with DMC Embellishment - part one

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Happy New Year.  I am just amazed how quickly the time has passed. Ready for this New Year? Let's start off with my latest project.

Cake by Associated Talents • CD 1200
Embellishments with DMC Memory Thread
I had been asked to teach at TNNA in Phoenix for the DMC class: 3D Cake Embellishment with DMC Memory Thread. What an honor. I received the canvas (CD 1200) and DMC threads in the mail. What a cute canvas from Associated Talents; part of a scene from their Store Front Bakery canvas (FL712). This canvas design measures 4" W x 6.5" H and is on 14 mesh.  Sweet!

The canvas had already been stitched for the photo posted on the TNNA website, but I wanted to give my own spin to the design.

When I first saw this cake, I also saw a different background for it... I was seeing a "wall" and "floor", too. I studied all of my books and visioned the sweetest "wall paper" design adapted from Julia Snyder's Darn Fillings book. Her stitch is called Confetti Ribbons and is a darning pattern. My stitch is done as a satin stitch and I have called it Mirrored Confetti Ribbons. I like how the curls in the Wallpaper echo the curves on the Cake Stand. Thanks, Julia, for the awesome inspiration.

In my mind, I liked the idea, but I needed to test it out on the computer... just to make sure. Here is a screen shot of the Mirrored Confetti Ribbons. I was liking the look.

Then, I pondered the "floor" design. I was all over the place on that idea. At first, I tried to give it "real" perspective: larger floor pattern in the front and smaller in the back. Good in theory, but not the right idea for this deadline-ladened gal. As the clock was ticking, I shifted my focus and began stitching the Cake Tiers.

After I stitched the Middle Cake Tier, my Eureka moment for the Floor occurred. I had seen a stitch in Ruth Schmuff's Stitches CD Volume 1 which echoed the new Middle Cake Tier design. Her stitch is called Diagonal Stitch with Mosaic. I modified her stitch and now call it Diagonal Stitch with Herringbone Strap. Thanks, Ruth for your wonderful CDs/Books collections of stitches.

Again, I needed to test it out in the computer... just to make sure. Here is a screen shot of the Wallpaper and Floor. Love it. I even added the Wall Baseboard for separation. I was good to go... except... what threads to use?

In my thread kit from DMC, the Perle size 5 was awesome for the Cake. However, in order for the Cake to be the "star of the show"... the Wallpaper and Floor needed to lay back... to really be in the background.

DMC Perle size 8 800 and DMC Floss 800 were the perfect duo for my Wallpaper and Floor. I used the DMC Perle size 8 for the Wallpaper. Easy to use; no laying tool needed. I used 2 strands DMC Floss for the Diagonal Stitch component of the Floor. (Yes, use your laying tool when stitching the Floss.) I used the DMC Perle 8 for the Herringbone Strap component of the Floor. LOVE IT.

Next time I will show the Cake Embellishment ideas. I had so much fun. DMC Memory Thread is my new best friend. If your LNS is attending the TNNA Phoenix Market, ask them to take my class: Friday, 2PM-4PM, FT210. They will learn lots of DMC Memory Thread techniques to share with their customers.

Until then... Hugs, Robin


  1. The DMC Memory Thread really makes the cake pop! It looks so much like quilling, which is so popular now.

  2. HI Wendy. Good to hear from you. I agree, the DMC Memory Thread really adds life to the canvas. It is so easy to use, too. I haven't done any quilling but admire those who do.

  3. Fascinating to see you Photoshop out your ideas, Robin. Makes me wish for more computer skills!

  4. Hi Jane. Great to hear from you. My first background attempt looked good but it wasn't symmetrical... it ran off the edge. So I took it out and decided to plan on the computer. Smooth sailing from that point on. Happy New Year with many new stitches.

  5. What a wonderful start to the New Year! I love the design and what you are doing with it puts it over the top!!!

  6. Happy New Year to you, Missy. So glad to hear from you. Thanks for all of your kind words!

  7. I love cake. Considering the size of my behind, yours is the perfect one for me to crave. What a great job! How do people get Memory Thread to look so perfect? It is not in my skill set. Happy New Year to you!

    Stephanie in Texas

  8. Robin

    I sure enjoyed your stitch adventure on this new canvas. What fun and it looks great. As always, your talents are never ending TNNA Class sounds good

    Sue V

  9. Hi Stephanie. Good to hear from you. The Memory Thread is so easy to work with... forgiving, too. Give it another try. I usually cut off a length needed for the task, and then begin shaping.

  10. Hi Sue. Happy New Year to you. This has been a fun canvas to stitch. Adding the DMC Memory Thread makes it like a party. Very animated. Always glad to hear from you. Happy New Year!

  11. Once again, Robin, you have taken a pretty canvas and created a stitch guide that puts it over the top! You are so talented, so glad we are able to have your wonderful stitch guides so that we can have the fun of bringing a canvas like this to life
    Happy New Year

  12. Hi Andrea. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to share my needlepoint experiences with you and the blog readers. Happy New Year with new stitches and friends.

  13. Happy New Year!!! Wish I was going to Phoenix so I could take your class but hopefully I will see you in Columbus! always! Leigh

  14. Hi Robin--
    Have you thought about teaching an on-line class in Photoshop for those who'd like to try some of your techniques? I bet it would be a winner!

  15. Hi mskathk,
    Good to hear from you. What a great idea ... teaching an on-line class in Photoshop. My mind is spinning about the possibilities. Thanks! Robin


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