Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lotus Squared by Zecca (ZE 134)

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I'm in "countdown mode" getting ready to attend the Phoenix/TNNA Winter Market next week. Looking forward to seeing the new designs and friends, too.

Back in October 2011, I gave a preview of the Lotus Squared by Zecca. Last evening was time for the finishing of this piece. I am pleased with the outcome and would like to share my journey with you.

I decided to have this piece finished into an HP Black Lacquer Box. The workmanship is beautiful. It comes in a nice drawstring bag. The 8x8 box was perfect for the 6x6 canvas; the black showcased the elegance of the Lotus Squared.

Both Canvas and Lid are 6x6 and yet... 
Once I was finished stitching, I laid the box lid over the canvas to check the initial fit. Notice the white canvas showing? I saw it too, and knew I had to deal with it. Here is what I did.

Measure the Box Lid opening.
Measure the Canvas design area

Measure the Box Lid insert.

Draw a Stitching Margin and a Cutting Line

Basketweave the Stitching Margin

Stitching Margin complete!
Following the photos, you can see I embraced the saying: Measure twice, cut once. In fact, I did that and more. I measured... measured again... wrote down notes... thought about it... stepped away... came back to it... measured again... until I was sure I was on the right track.

I did the Basketweave Stitch in the Stitching Margin. I used 8 strands of Splendor S1014 which covered my white canvas perfectly. Remember, I chose the design on 13 mesh.

Then, I got the big scissors out and began cutting on the Cutting Line. Steady. Deliberate. Holding my breath the entire time. I filmed part of this sequence for you to see. Confidence? Sure... while the camera was rolling. LOL.

With the canvas cut, I placed it onto the Black Box Lid insert and saw things were going to fit just fine.

Canvas cut out.
Inserting the canvas into the Box Lid was easy. Just lay it into the lid and place the Black Lid insert over your canvas. Simple. Done. No gluing or taping needed. The size of the Black Lid insert does all the work.

I am so pleased with the outcome. Love the Zecca design. Love the HP Black Lacquer box. I am pretty proud of my stitching design, too. The River Silks Ribbon was a dream to use. Loved the Gloriana Silk Threads. The DMC Memory Thread was perfect for the Lotus details. Rainbow Gallery's Neon Rays, Flair, and Splendor gave the right touch. Kreinik was my go-to choice for the Stems. Skip Tent was the best background... and the Mill Hill Beads! really set off the piece. I discovered some stitching techniques and have shared them in the Stitch Guide.

My Stitch Guide comes with the Lotus Squared canvas (ZE 134) and will be available from Zecca at "Sample It" as well as during the Phoenix show. Just ask your LNS to visit the Zecca booth. You have your choice of this design in either 18 mesh or 13 mesh. I chose the 13 mesh and loved working it.

I will be blogging from the show; wearing my many hats: DMC teacher; NeedleDeeva booth worker;  HUGS on display at Galleria and in the Alice Peterson Company booth; roving reporter for all of you.

See you in Phoenix!  Until then... Hugs, Robin


  1. Robin-I can't believe you did all that in one night. Wow! You are awesome. Can't wait to see what comes up on your blog from Market. Have fun.


  2. Have a great trip, Roving Reporter! The box lid is perfection. Great job! Don't you love it when everything from design to stitching to finishing all comes together?

    By the way, I've been meaning to show you this--

  3. Hi Stephanie. Good to hear from you. The Margin stitching took 2 evenings in between DVD editing. The cutting and nerve was last night. Thanks for your kind words! Robin

  4. Hi Jane. Yes, I was so happy when it all came together. We never really know until it finally done. Now, I can breathe... and get onto the next project. Thanks! Hugs, Robin

  5. Wow, that is beautiful Robin! I think that I have just spied my next canvas for the sunroom. I use teal, red and black as accent colors and the orange and green would go beautifully as well. So many things to do and so little time. Have fun in Phoenix and I'm looking forward to your reports!

  6. Hi BamaCarol,
    Great to hear from you. Sounds like the Lotus Squared is just what your sunroom needs. And, since it comes one either the 13 mesh or the 18 mesh, try considering the 13 mesh count. Quicker to stitch... same lovely look.


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