Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas needlepoint ornaments

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I took down the Christmas tree this evening. What? I know... the time got away from me.

This did give me an opportunity to photograph my Christmas needlepoint ornaments for you to see. I made them several years ago. They are still precious to me as they were when I first stitched them.

This year's tree had a refreshing color scheme: Gump's sale lime green tree, vintage pink glass ornaments and my needlepoint ornaments. Too cute. It measures 36" tall. Just the right size.

The 8 vintage pink glass ornaments have flocked white snow caps with hangers attached. The box says The Christmas Gallery, Copyright 1967 by Krain & Canton, Inc. Made in USA. (The box is pre-barcode... sweet!) We found them at the thrift store several years ago; so glad to give them a new home.

Most of my needlepoint ornaments have a common theme: snowmen.


There is a bird ornament...

and a cat ornament, too.

Someday, I would like to build from Vicky De Angelis' inspiration of having a cat-themed tree. I already have some cat canvases. Here are four just ready to go onto stretcher bars.

Plus, I have a Kitty Cat tree skirt, too. Really, it is an apron but I like to use it as a tree skirt.

Sounds like the purr-fect project for 2012.  Think I will check out my stash for threads.

Until then... Hugs, Robin


  1. I have the Amanda Lawford cats decorating the tree canvas, too. So cute.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautifully stitched ornaments! I will look forward to seeing your kitty tree come to life. Happy Stitching Robin

  3. I like kitties, too. Don't feel bad about the tree being up. I haven't put away a thing. I love having it out and am not the least bit motivated to put it away. Maybe this weekend?
    Have a great day. Stephanie

  4. Go go go go!

    We want a cat tree in Robin's house next Xmas and you have the canvases (and I bet the threads) already. Stitch something fun for yourself.

  5. Love your Snowmen and all the kitties. What fun!
    Thanks for sharing and it makes me want to stitch more ornaments.

    Sue V

  6. Hi Karen. Good to hear from you. This Amanda Lawford canvas of the cats decorating the tree suits my house right fine. Working from bottom to top we have Rayo, Tiger, Bailey and Lana. Can't wait to stitch this one!

  7. Hi Vicky. Thanks for the awesome cat-themed tree inspiration. It will be fun to do.

  8. Hi Stephanie. Good to hear from you. We do have a lot going on, don't we. Glad our trees wait for us. LOL.

  9. I have the canvas of the cats with tree and star, too! I love it! I sent you a photo of a different kind of cat tree...hope you got it!!! Obviously my cats had a big christmas!!! always. Leigh

  10. Hi robin,

    Your ornaments are gorgeous!! what a great idea to do a themed tree with them. My ornaments had gotten "lost" on my big tree, and I went ahead and distributed them to my sons. Actually, they took turns and chose their favorites from Picasa online. It was fun to see which ones they chose, and I love that I passed them along for them to have for the grandkids' to remember. But, I have to admit, I do miss them!

    love your posts!!! I am heading to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, where Amy and Kelly had their virtual vacation several years ago!!


  11. Love the snowman in shape of Christmas tree! Who is the designer please.

  12. Hi bbe, good to hear from you. The snowman in the shape of the Christmas tree was designed by Shelly Tribbey. I just love her designs, don't you?

  13. Hi Kathy,
    Great to hear from you. It is nice for your boys to have your ornaments. Have a fun time in Mexico. That was an awesome photo from years ago. Time really does fly! Thanks for sharing. Robin

  14. Hi Leigh. I LOVE your Cat Tree. It is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Robin


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