Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunflower and Berries (ND 309) - part one

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Tonight's agenda: laundry and pre-packing for Phoenix/TNNA. Also, getting my newest needlepoint onto stretcher bars.  What's that you say... a new needlepoint project?

Sunflower & Berries • NeedleDeeva • ND 309
Stitch Guide by Robin King
My next project (among many!) is called Sunflower & Berries from NeedleDeeva. It is canvas number ND 309 and I have admired it for the longest time. I love Sunflowers. I have grown them before. Strawberries are so healthy, too. We eat them daily for a dose of Vitamin C. This canvas really speaks to me and NeedleDeeva designs are a dream to stitch. My stitch guide will come with the canvas. Sweet.

I will be teaching Sunflower & Berries in April 2012 at two wonderful needlepoint shops: Nashville Needleworks (Nashville, TN) and In Stitches (Atlanta, GA). Give them a call to join the fun.

Threads, Ribbons, Beads, Sequins, and DMC Memory Thread
I have pulled some threads. Notice the ribbons? Oh, yes... there will be ribbonwork as well as 3D Stumpwork applied. And, Beads... did I mention Beads? There will be Beads and Sequins, too. It will be so much fun. I have been studying many techniques and am anxious to apply them to this sweet canvas.

A Flower Magnet for a Flower Canvas? Of course.
One last fun thing to say: notice my Flower Magnet? How can you not notice it? It is the "Mother" of all Bling in the Magnet World. It measures 2 inches across. The center and all of the petals are ready to hold your needles, laying tool and more.

Nice accessories: magnets, snap tray and Eiffel Tower scissors
I found these magnets at Stitchers Inc.  They were the biggest magnet bling I had ever seen. Truly, could be jewelry. Loved their size and shapes. You can see her current selection; there are more coming at the end of the month. Jan said there will be a cat magnet, too. Count me in. Can't wait. Give Jan a call if you'd like any of these magnets.

Well, that's all for now. Next time will be from Phoenix. Until then... Hugs, Robin


  1. Where did you get the Eiffel tower scissors? Love and must have!! :)

  2. Hi Nicolle,
    Good to hear from you. I love the Eiffel tower scissors, too. They are at Stitchers Inc. Give Jan a call.

  3. Have a good time in Phoenix. Can't wait to hear all about it. Stephanie

  4. Thanks Stephanie. It will be fun to blog from Market. Robin


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