Monday, January 23, 2012

TNNA / Phoenix 2012 - day three

Hi Everybody... Robin here... in Phoenix.

Today was Sunday -- the second day of Market. Here are some of the new canvases which caught my eye.

In the Kirk & Hamilton booth, I loved the Heart Shaped Cupcakes, the Owl and the Nordic Stars.

Kirk & Hamilton / KH 251
Kirk & Hamilton / KH 252
Kirk & Hamilton / KH 253
Kirk & Hamilton / KH 254
Kirk & Hamilton / KH 299
Kirk & Hamilton / KH 390
Kirk & Hamilton / KH 391

I also liked the four canvases depicting the Four Seasons from Labors of Love. Imagine all of the canvas embellishment possibilities.

Labors of Love / Four Seasons / LL 530, 531, 532, and 533

After Market, we went out to dinner for good food, great drinks, conversations and laughs. It was the best way to put the second Market day into the record book. Tomorrow is the last day, and a short day, at that. I will be back to show you more from my point of view.  Until then... Hugs, Robin


  1. That owl is wonderful. And I really like the four seasons girls. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Robin,

    Have you seen the Wizard of Oz stocking on Canvas Be Gone? It is by Napier, 18 count, and is on sale for $100 until 1/31/12. It measures about 19 x 12! Thought it would look great with your ornaments you showed earlier.

    I am known as an enabler!!!!!!


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