Sunday, December 25, 2011

HUGS from Robin - part seven

Hi Everybody ... Robin here.

Merry Christmas. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

I have another HUGS update to share. This canvas has been a fun exercise in color opportunities. It can be tailored to your specific color likes or needs. 

Stephanie in Texas made a wonderful suggestion in a recent comment section:

"I am thinking that this would be a great canvas to stitch for a child going away to college. A little reminder on the bed or chair that Momma and Daddy send hugs. You could do school colors or dorm design colors, etc. Any way you look at it, it looks great." 

As you might remember, I selected the Gloriana Silk Thread (Laura's Garden #084) for my color way. From there, I wanted an accent color for the Border and behind the H. 

HUGS • Gayla Elliott Designs (GS -11)
Available from Alice Peterson Company • Stitch Guide by Robin King
In the computer, I played around with color options. Here is the same canvas with different color accents: first purple, then coral. It's easy to pull colors from the overdyed thread.  
Each color way sets the mood.
A few Overdyed thread options:
DMC, Gloriana and ThreadworX.
See how it might look with different color ways? All you will need is an overdyed color, a neutral color, an accent color, black color, beads, Kreinik size 8 braid,  and Neon Rays. Imagine the possibilities. The HUGS canvas will come with my stitch guide... 11 pages.

The HUGS canvas is finished and is now in the wonderful hands of Elizabeth Turner Collection for their finishing magic. The pillow will be delivered to me in Phoenix at the beginning of the Market. It will be on display at the Alice Peterson Company booth.

Did you catch that bit of news... I'm going to Phoenix!  I'm teaching!!! for DMC: their Friday afternoon class (2PM-4PM) 3D Cake Embellishment (FT210) featuring DMC Memory Thread techniques. I am so honored they would think of me. The canvas is a new design from Associated Talents: CD1200.

We will talk about that next time.  Until then... Hugs, Robin


  1. Congratulations on the teaching gig. DMC is lucky to have you. HUGS looks great, by the way. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Merry Christmas! Hugs looks fantastic. Thank you for taking my idea to heart. I think I know just the person to stitch this for. When will it be available?
    Happy New Year!

    Stephanie in Texas

  3. Hi Stephanie. Good to hear from you. Your ideas were great; opening the door for wonderful possibilities. I believe the HUGS canvas can be ordered now from your LNS. Happy New Year to you, too.

  4. Hi Jane. Good to hear from you. I was so thrilled to be asked by DMC to teach their DMC Memory Thread class. It is a wonderful thread/wire to use. I will also be sharing my newly learned techniques with the blog, too. Happy New Year to all in Chilly Hollow.

  5. Happy New Year, Robin! So glad you will be in Phoenix! We need to make plans...HUGS is beautiful, congraulations!! HOw is the bat coming? See you soon! Kathy B


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