Monday, October 4, 2010

And So It Begins...

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

I finished stitching my Zecca/Bird & Worm canvas. I really like how it turned out. I even have the Stitch Guide typed with text, photos and stitch diagrams... 9 pages. Who knew a 6" x 3" canvas could have so much detail? ... I did! But, don't be scared of a 9-page guide; it has lots of close up photos.

Look how much we depend on Color. Guess which one thread has so much color?

No Color

I will be showing more glimpses of the Bird & Worm canvas once the January 2011 Long Beach TNNA Market classes are posted on the TNNA website. Tomorrow I must begin securing the donated threads for the class kits. Oh, and may I mention... the Zecca/Bird & Worm canvas, #ZE-107 will come with my stitch guide. (Shameless plug!)

So what's next in Robin's world? The second canvas I am teaching at the January 2011 Long Beach TNNA Market, of course. Yikes! It is October, already... time to get busy!

The canvas/class mystery must continue... I am such a good secret keeper... but here's a peek:

Tonight, I am tacking the Melissa Shirley/Debbie Mumm, Harvest Fairy, DM-09 canvas to the stretcher bars. Yes, the same Debbie Mumm... Melissa Shirley's newest designer. How cool is that! And, we all know once it's attached to the stretcher bars... it's downhill from there.

It was great visiting this evening. Thanks, Robin


  1. The suspense is killing me. From worms to fairies. Robin, your stitching range is astounding!

    Jane, who wishes she was as talented here in CH

  2. LOL. You are too funny, Jane. Thanks!

  3. Hi Robin,

    I cannot wait to see the finished pieces. I just know they are going to be spectacular. All your work is exceptional.



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