Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting Started with W. Herr Wolfe

Please be sure to mark the placement of the the stars before you begin.  You can probably place them from the photocopy you are going to make before you get started...but I can tell it will be good to go on and mark the canvas thread for reference.

I decided to stitch the moon crescents with one strand of an odd color floss to make sure not to cover any part of it with the background stitch.  Turns out to be totally unnecessary as you will be fine if you avoid the gold painted canvas threads.  


And there they are.

Remember what Amy told us about Baroque Silk.  It is dyed after it is twisted. So when you strand it, as we do for the bottom border with the moons and stars, you will see a slightly variegated thread emerge.  The kind of rough texture goes well with the furry man.

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  1. Sneaky and clever, too... that's our Amy. Great job, Peggy. W. Herr Wolfe is looking good.


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