Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stuck on You

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

What a day. It was a GLORIOUS Saturday in Memphis, TN. True, it hasn't rained in a month-of-Sundays... but, it was only 89 degrees. Brrrrrrr... where's my sweater? (LOL)

Yes, I am a fan of Lionel Richie, and thus, today's title: Stuck on You.

As with all of my needlepoint canvases, I love to have a coordinating Magnet attached. How about you?

You know by now... I am now working on the Melissa Shirley/Debbie Mumm #DM-09 canvas for the January 2011 TNNA class. She's the Harvest Fairy: flying about and wearing a Hat. Guess which magnet I found?

I think it's just perfect. Anything which has a Cat and a Hat is good for me. 

(Good Grief, Charlie Brown... now I'm channeling Dr. Seuss! All I can say... is... I come by it honestly.)

Did I find this awesome magnet on the first bounce? Well, actually... NO. I found my many Halloween Magnets first... and thus, the inspiration for today's blog.

Here are some of my personal HALLOWEEN Magnets. They all have a common theme: made by bc. Now, I don't know who bc is... but, I have been a fan of her (?) work for many years. Amy's has a great selection of her magnets. Check them out. They are miniature pieces of art work. Very durable and so creative. And... not just Halloween, either.

Well, that's all for this evening. My Harvest Fairy awaits. She's giving me my marching orders! She keeps on saying..."does that stitch make my Butt look fat?" Good Grief! Thanks, Robin

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  1. Robin

    I love your magnets. We all love out goodies that we need to stitch with, don't we? I am excited to see those new projects of yours.

    We had rain last week and now we are enjoying 80 degree weather and I have to stay it is wonderful.

    Will be stitching with Emily tomorrow and it will be a good stitchng day, cool breezes and clear sky.

    Sue VanderNoor


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