Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bricked Beading (aka Beaded Brick Stitch) with Robin

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Hello fellow Bead-niks. 😊

How was your week? I've been writing stitch guides for my upcoming Canvas Enhancement class next month at Quail Run Needlework in Scottsdale, AZ; September 23-26, 2017.

Look at these fun canvases!

upcoming new Stitch Guides by Robin King

The artists are Quail Run Designs, Susan Roberts Needlepoint (artist, Ashley Dillon), Maggie Co. (artist, Karla Gerard), Tapestry Fair (artist, Pat Scheurich), Nenah Stone, NeedleDeeva, Julia's Needleworks (artist, Peter Ashe), Winnetka Designs, and Shorebird Designs (artist, Kathryn Molineux).

I still have these 3 canvases to work on this week; artists include Trubey Designs, Quail Run Designs, and Birds of a Feather.

"Iris" by Trubey Designs
Stitch Guide by Robin King

"Bright Cactus" by Quail Run Designs
Stitch Guide by Robin King

"Bon Voyage" by Birds of a Feather
Stitch Guide by Robin King

As always, these stitch guides will be available from me after the class (September 23-26, 2017). You can email me for any information including wholesale inquiries at

Last week's topic, Stitch Beading with Robin, was a success. The Needlepoint Study Hall blog had 2300 viewers. Wow and thank you! 😊

Today, let's continue with another type of Beading called Bricked Beading or Brick Beading. You might even call it Beaded Brick. Either way is good with me.

Long time followers of this blog might remember an earlier episode (April 8, 2010) about Beaded Brick Stitch. You can step into the Way-Back Machine to read about the link I've provided.  But, we will discuss it again because it is such an interesting technique.

First, let's understand the concept: you are doing the Brick Stitch using Beads instead of Thread.

You will follow the Brick Stitch pathway adding a Bead one stitch at a time. Generally speaking, you will want to use slightly larger beads compared to the canvas mesh you are using (for example, a size 11 Seed Beads on an 18 mesh canvas) so the Bead sits over the hole. You will still use one long strand Beading Thread doubled in the needle.

Then, all you need to do is to Bead. Become one with your zen spirit and watch the pattern develop. Here are some examples of Bricked Beading from my stitch guides.

Beaded Brick stitch Red, Pink Hearts
Stitch Guide by Robin King
Jolly Nutcrackers • dede Ogden

Beaded Brick stitch Pumpkin Face
Stitch Guide by Robin King
Floating Cat Pumpkin Balloon
 Kirk & Bradley • KB115 

Beaded Brick stitch Apple
Stitch Guide by Robin King
Gone Fishin' • Annie Lane • 0151
model stitched by Dwana McKee, Dallas, TX

Wanna know something cool? You can also use Triangle Japanese Seed Beads for your Beaded Brick stitch. I used them for some of the Skull Heads on the "Head Games" stitch guide; artist Sandra Gilmore/Once in a Blue Moon/ Fleur, SG-13-032. Very effective!

Beaded Brick technique Skull
Stitch Guide by Robin King
Head Games • Sandra Gilmore • SG-13-032
model stitched by Sheilah King, Atlanta, GA

Triangle Beads very effective!
Stitch Guide by Robin King
Head Games • Sandra Gilmore • SG-13-032
model stitched by Sheilah King, Atlanta, GA

Hmmm...looking at my remaining Quail Run stitch guides... I'm thinking some of the blooms on the "Bright Cactus" might be fun in the Beaded Brick technique.

Well, that's all for now. Onward for the rest of our Sunday. Have a good week. Tell your friends about Needlepoint Study Hall. I'm back! 😊  See you next Sunday.

Until then... Hugs!  Robin

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  1. Hey Robin,
    How bout a session on messy beading or how to create a bead mound.
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