Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Sun, The Moon and The Eclipse

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Sunday... SUN day. Monday... MOON day. Today is Sunday; my newly designated day to blog. 😊 Tomorrow is a special Monday: it's Eclipse Day for 14 of these United States. Entering at Oregon and exiting at South Carolina, we will get to experience briefly the absence of the Sun... a total Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2017 pathway
from NOAA

What is a Solar Eclipse? It occurs when the Moon crosses between the Earth and the Sun. Only those experiencing daylight can witness the Solar Eclipse. (Conversely, at night, one would experience a Lunar Eclipse when the Full Moon goes behind the Earth.)

Ever ask the question how can the tiny Moon block the big Sun? Here's an interesting explanation from NASA.

Science and Math!

This isn't our first Solar Eclipse, but it has been a while (in 1776) since one traveled only in the USA. There have been other Solar Eclipses limited to only a few states. Tomorrow's is the big mama jamma! 70 miles wide!! and over 2,450 miles long. This is the Eclipse of our life!

Solar Eclipse Timeline
from NOAA

There are cool websites showing the pathway of tomorrow's Eclipse and when/where to expect it in your neighborhood.
I live in Memphis and we will have 93.3% of the Sun blocked at the peak at 1:23:08PM Central Time. A partial Eclipse, but still very cool!!

as the Eclipse passes over Tennessee

I see a Solar Eclipse in your future, too.

I plan on experiencing this Eclipse. I will be outside. I want to feel the Eclipse on my shoulders. Pat says the wind should kick up. I WILL NOT LOOK at the SUN!!! Never ever do it. You only have one pair of eyes. (There was a man on TV who had looked during a partial Eclipse in the 1960s and he still has partial blindness today.) There will be enough TV coverage to watch the replay from the comfort of your own home. Only the ISO 12312-2 safety standard Solar Eclipse glasses should be used. But be careful, there are "fake" Solar Eclipse glasses out there!!

There are websites showing how to view the Solar Eclipse using a box (creating a Camera Obscura). Hey wait... isn't this a needlepoint blog? Oops. Sorry. I get really jazzed over science events. Keeping with the Sun/Moon theme, let's talk needlepoint.

Two years ago when teaching at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta for a canvas enhancement class, Adrienne P. attended and submitted this clever canvas "Sun and Moon Phases" (CBK Needlepoint • artist, Brenda Kooler • KDS-PL 07 • 12.75" square on 13 mesh) for a stitch guide. 

"Sun and Moon Phases"
CBK Needlepoint • artist, Brenda Kooler

Look at these fun happy threads! Raises your spirit, doesn't it. 😊

Imagine the possibilities.
Stitch guide by Robin King

Adrienne recently finished the canvas and sent me a photo. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled. Awesome job, Adrienne!!!

"Sun and Moon Phases" • KDS-PL 07
stitched by Adrienne Pease
Stitch guide by Robin King

Many, many years ago I stitched this "Crescent Moon" by Shelly Tribbey (H209); stitch guide by Amy Bunger. I learned several techniques on this canvas: Appliquéd Flair (cheek), Cut Turkey Work (pumpkin fringe), Ruching (hair), and Raised Stem (eyelid). Thanks, Amy for helping me build my needlepoint repertoire! 

"Crescent Moon" • Shelly Tribbey H209
Stitch guide by Amy Bunger
stitched by Robin King

Here's one of my favorite stitches for a Moon... Irregular Eyelets. 

Try Petite Silk Lamé Braid for just the right shimmer.

The Eyelets are different shapes with different length legs. They can also have offset "eyes." Great look for creating the Moon's craters on a Halloween canvas. You can use Petite Silk Lamé Braid or Kreinik size 4 on 18 mesh... or even some Glow in the Dark thread. Boo!

Oh, and one last thing... an Eclipse Cocktail. After all, we do need to "properly" celebrate this celestial occasion. Here's a recipe from the blog.

Total Solar Eclipse Cocktail Recipe
• 4 ounces Sparkling Clementine or Orange Pop
• 1.5 ounces Dark Rum
• Orange Slice for Garnish

1. Pour Sparkling Clementine or Orange Pop over Ice in a cocktail glass.
2. Gently pour Dark Rum on top.
3. Garnish with an Orange slice.

Well, that all for now. Going to get my chores done today so I can enjoy the Eclipse tomorrow.

Be safe!!! Until then... HUGS, Robin

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  1. Thanks for all the info--here in AZ we're only going to get 62% coverage to look at but we're expecting very cloudy skies--so other than darkness , it'll probably be a non-event. Don't forget your special glasses and be safe. Hugs, Barbi


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