Sunday, August 27, 2017

Have your Zen moment with Zecca

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

What a week! Politics aside... Mother Nature is showing us who's boss. Hang in there, Texas!!

We need a moment of Zen, and needlepoint from Zecca is just the right place to start.

Karen Hennessey creates a wonderful world of color, design and thoughtfulness. For me, it all began with "Early Bird" (ZE -107).

"Early Bird" by Zecca (ZE-107)
stitch guide by Robin King

I also stitched the "Thistle" (ZE-178) and "Lotus Squared" (ZE-134) ... small designs with lots of techniques to share. Great teachable moments! These commercial stitch guides are available thru your Local/Favorite Needlepoint stores from Zecca.

(Side note: Zecca will attend the Dallas Market on September 9th weekend. It is a Cash & Carry Market; your shop owner can bring some Zecca goodness to you. 😊)

"Early Bird" (ZE-107) by Zecca
Stitch guide by Robin King 

"Thistle" (ZE-178 ) by Zecca
Stitch guide by Robin King

"Lotus Squared" (ZE-134) by Zecca
Stitch guide by Robin King

I have also written many custom stitch guides for Zecca canvases... 19 so far. 😊
  • Birds in Paradise 1 (ZE-344A)
  • Make Stuff Be Happy (ZE-314)
  • Bird Purse (ZE 208)
  • Turquoise Paisley (ZE-330)
  • Home is Where the Heart Is (ZE-379)
  • Molting Season (ZE-280)
  • Vested Owl (ZE-318)
  • Winter (ZE-103)
  • Fall (ZE-99)
  • Summer (ZE-98)
  • The Librarian (ZE-258)
  • Koi Pond (ZE-326)
  • Housework (ZE-322)
  • Wading (ZE-341)
  • Little Family (ZE-256)
  • Anu (ZE-282)
  • Many Birds (ZE-293)
  • Peacock (ZE-262A)
  • Don't Pursue Happiness... Create It. (ZE-118)

Here's some of those stitch guides finished. Love it when stitchers send me photos!

"Many Birds" by Zecca (ZE-293)
stitched by Leslie Hanna
stitch guide by Robin King

"Molting Season" by Zecca (ZE-280)
"Wading" by Zecca (ZE-341)
stitched by Alice Gertzman
stitch guides by Robin King

"Vested Owl" by Zecca (ZE-318)
stitched by Jan Stone
stitch guide by Robin King

"Little Family" by Zecca (ZE-256)
stitched by Jane Makowka
stitch guide by Robin King

"Don't Pursue Happiness... Create It." by Zecca (ZE-118)
stitched by Luanne Samson
stitch guide by Robin King

Currently, there could not be a truer message for me than this canvas called "Housework."  😀

"Housework" by Zecca (ZE-322)
stitch guide by Robin King

Last thing to show you is how finishing can enhance one's needlepoint. I finished my "Lotus Squared" canvas into a black lacquered box which was handy for traveling and teaching. Plus, I really like to have useful items, too.

"Lotus Squared" by Zecca (ZE-134)
stitch guide by Robin King

Several years ago, I taught at Ruth Schmuff's shop, Bedecked and Beadazzled. Ruth stitched the same "Lotus Squared" and had hers framed; she does love color.  What a talented lady!

"Lotus Squared" by Zecca (ZE-134)
stitched by Ruth Schmuff
stitch guide by Robin King

Well, that's all for now. Go discover Zecca and find your inner Zen. ☮

Until the next time... HUGS!  Robin

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  1. Love, love, love the housework canvas!!


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