Thursday, October 4, 2012

First day wrap up in ATL

Hi everybody... Robin here... in Atlanta.

So far, I have had two bucket list moments and I haven't yet picked up a needle.

The flight to ATL was speedy. I only stitched 10 rows of T-Stitch and we landed.

Bam (owner of In Stitches) picked me up from the airport. We had some time to fill before returning to the airport to pick up Brenda Hart. Guess where we went... #bucketlist

Dinner and enlightening conversation at The Buckhead Diner was fabulous. Crab cakes and asparagus. Yummy good.

It was good to see Harry the cat. I brought him a peacock feather. We have already played.

Class begins in a few hours. So excited to see Brenda Hart in action. It is a canvas embellishment class. I will show you tomorrow which canvas I picked.

Hugs, Robin

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  1. Ikea was a destination spot for me! I just wish I was creative and organized enough to really use that stuff to its full advantage.


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