Friday, October 19, 2012

Island Life at The Bristly Thistle

Hi Everybody... Robin here... back at the Memphis International Airport... this time headed to Montgomery, AL and The Needle Bug.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I need to wrap up the loose ends from teaching at The Bristly Thistle.

The two-day event went smoothly; both days were sold out. There was an extra bonus: Kathy C. brought in her recently finished "Witch with Crow" (MSD 1334-C)... stitched from my stitch guide. How exciting was that!!!

There was a fun "island" feel about Amelia Island. There was a parade right in front of the shop. Droves of children passed by... the Pirate Ship brought up the rear. What a sight!

We dined at Bar Zin. I had my first experience with "tuna tartare" ... Exquisite! And another course had saffron... Exotic.

Other meals included: The Salty Pelican one night... Oysters baked w/ crabmeat and cheese. It was the most perfect way to "first" try oysters. There was a beautiful sunset. And, Key Lime pie for dessert. Heaven.

Pablo's restaurant was the next night. Can you say fabulous Margaritas? ... yummy good. Loved their Chicken Nachos, too.

Has this turned into Robin's Restaurant Review? Looks like it, right? What can I say? ... part of the journey is the meals along the way.

It was fun seeing the stitched pieces by Michele Heron (owner of The Bristly Thistle); many were from my stitch guides:

Katt Z. Witch
The Creepy Characters
Columbus Heart

When I saw her stitched collection, I said to Michele, "Look. It's the Robin King Hall of Fame." LOL.

I enjoyed meeting all of the women who attended the classes. They traveled far to get there: Washington, DC; North Carolina, and many from the Florida area.

Here are a few photos from my days at The Bristly Thistle. Good times and great memories. I look forward to my next trip back to Amelia Island.

Time to board the plane for Montgomery, AL. Needle Bug... here I come.

Until the next time… Hugs, Robin


  1. Jane looks at the photos and bursts into tears. "I wanna go!"

    1. We had a great time with Robin and love our projects. Come on down Jane! Our ANG Chapter is bringing Libby Sturdy in Feb and Bristly Thistle has Brenda Hart and Meredith Willett coming next year! Amelia Island is gorgeous all year and especially lovely in winter if you need an escape!
      Nancy S

  2. Robin! Sounds Fabulous!!!!!!!!!

  3. So I said to myself...."Geez, Suzanne...Jealous much?"....LOL

    Love the blog and all your fabulous stitching!


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