Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good Times at The Needle Bug

Hi everybody... Robin here... Back home from a wonderful trip to Montgomery, AL and The Needle Bug.

From the airport, we went to The Needle Bug for their Wednesday night festivities: a "Meet & Greet" which was sponsored by the Capital City Needlepointers (Montgomery ANG Guild), and was hosted by The Needle Bug. About 15 members came out... for little old me. Wow!

This welcome sign warmed my heart.

The evening Beginners class was also in session; working on a lovely Barbara Bergsten canvas taught by Caroline (The Needle Bug's resident teacher). Barbara Bergsten's designs are fresh and fun ... great for learning new stitches.

Beginner's Class at The Needle Bug

I was honored by the turnout. What a lovely reception. True Southern Hospitality.

"Meet and Greet" Reception at The Needle Bug

Tasty food, too. The Cheddar Cheese/Strawberry Jam Spread was one of the stars of the show. Made by Anne Bloom; originally from the Montgomery Junior League Cook Book. Thank you, Anne for sharing the recipe with the blog readers.

Cheddar Cheese/Strawberry Jam Spread

Cheddar Cheese/Strawberry Jam Spread Recipe
1 lb. grated medium cheddar cheese
1 cup chopped nuts
1 cup mayo
1 small onion, grated
dash black pepper & cayenne pepper

Mix all together well. Spray a spring mold pan with Pam & put the Cheese mixture into the spring mold pan. Refrigerate until firm. Remove the Cheese Spread from the spring mold pan and place onto a serving dish. Drizzle and cover with Strawberry Jam preserves. Serve with crackers.

Notice the cute Xmas canvases on the "Welcome Robin" board? They are a new Christmas series exclusively available from The Needle Bug; designed by Leigh Miller (owner of The Needle Bug). Give Leigh a call (334) 270-0064. She has them in stock and is ready to ship to you.

Sleigh Puller • tnb 01
by The Needle Bug; comes with stitch guide

Stocking Stuffer • tnb 02
by The Needle Bug; comes with stitch guide

Snow Stopper • tnb 03
by The Needle Bug; comes with stitch guide

Each canvas is on 18 mesh; measures about 4" W x 6" H and comes with the stitch guide. So cute. Look how fast they will stitch up. Love the open background work and sequins. These will be fun to stitch.

The two class days went smoothly. Everyone enjoyed the Sunflower and Berries (ND 309) and the lessons I had for them. The Stumpwork was a big hit. Their minds are now spinning about where to do it again. Ribbon Embroidery was demonstrated. Meri gave us another helpful hint for getting a good petal point. Love it when knowledge is shared.

My dining experiences in MGM were memorable. Somer's Restaurant had fried crab claws. Tasty good.

I made some stash enhancements while at The Needle Bug. See my new dragonfly magnet... It is their mascot... Purr-fect addition to my ongoing Magnetic Board collection.

I also bought a new Snap Tray with The Needle Bug's logo. They are very handy to have on hand.

I also like to bring home a clear Timeless Totes bag with the shop's logo. See my new suitcase? It will hold my current stitching project very nicely.

Last thing was a new book for my library: Canvas Work Bands and Borders by Jane D. Zimmerman.  I am a fan of Jane Zimmerman 's books. I know I will get great inspirations from this book.

Luckily everything fit into my traveling suitcase. LOL. The flight back home to Memphis was non-eventful. Just the way I like it.

I've been home for a few days. Laundry is done. My bags are packed... again!

Where next are you going, Robin? To the Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs, GA... a community outside of Atlanta.

Until the next time. Hugs, Robin

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  1. Girl, you get around. Have another safe trip, please!


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