Sunday, September 30, 2012

Teaching Manuals

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Just finished creating my Teaching Manual for Flowers in a Vase (ND 311), and thought you might like to see what is involved.

First of all, why do I create a Teaching Manual?

  • Present the project to the class with all details and sequences at hand.
  • Showcase for some "behind the scenes" photos.
  • Good review of the how/when/where/whys of the project prior to teaching.
  • It is kind of like art project, and you know how I like art projects!

First, I write the Stitch Guide. This is a typed document describing each area in detail: the stitch, the threads, and the sequence of stitching. Charted diagrams are included for each area.

Screenshot of Flowers in a Vase (ND 311) stitch guide

When I begin the Teaching Manual, I use the exact text from the Stitch Guide. Each area is on its own page with the font size increased so I can comfortably read and refer as needed. The Thread types are in Red for easy reference. The same Charted diagram from the Stitch Guide is on the page, too... enlarged. 

Screenshot of Teaching Manual for ND 311

A work in progress photo is also included so the students can see what I experienced when stitching the model.

Now everyone sees the backside of my stitching... Yikes!

Once the Teaching Manual is complete, I put each page into a Premium Heavyweight Sheet Protector from Avery (affordable at Costco, bundled 250 sheets per box). 

Protective Sheets are so much fun.

And then, each sleeved page goes into a 3-ring 1" Binder. (Again, from Costco; bundled in 6 per group.) I really like this binder with clear sleeve on the front and spine so you add a descriptor page. Let the art project begin!

In Photoshop, I make the Teaching Manual cover art: Canvas Name, Designer, Number, my info, and finished photo. 

Cover Art for ND 311

There is the Spine art, too.

Spine Art for ND 311

Put all of the sleeved pages and the Cover/Spine Art into the Binder, and call me happy!

Blog readers who have been with me know I have done this procedure for each teaching endeavor.

Earlier teaching/stitching moments.

The Creepy Characters demanded their own Manual.
The Teaching Manual library continues to grow...

Recent and current teaching/stitching projects.

The art project is finished.

Did someone say photo shoot? Here's Leo...

Leo checks out the layout.

Well, it is time to print the Stitch Guides... I'll be at The Bristly Thistle (ND 311) real soon. The Needle Bug (ND 309) and The Nimble Needle (ND 311) soon after that. October is going to be a fun month. Hope to see you there!

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin


  1. Robin_ Can you come and Organize me??????
    I am AMAZED!!!!!
    PS. Is it me imagination or did you do a post somewhere featuring a blue flower done with
    Sparkles? I couldn't find it anywhere!!!! And
    yet, I know in my mind I saw it! Unless, of course,
    I am now dreaming of Blog Posts that haven't been
    done yet!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    The earlier post (going to the framer) of the Flowers in a Vase showed a close up of the Blue Flower done in Sparkles. I LOVE what you did with your Koi Fish and Sparkles. You are so talented! I learn so much from you.


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