Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baltimore / TNNA - day 3

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Back home in Memphis and in front of my computer. I tried (with better success) blogging while on the road without my laptop, but those special nuances (which I love to do) were not available to me from the iPad. (Or, perhaps I haven't discovered the best APP?)

So, I'd like to continue with my wonderful journey to Baltimore, MD... home of the 2012 TNNA Fall Needlecraft Show at the Embassy Suites.

Day 3: was the last day of the Show. A very fast day for Shop Owners to make their final purchase decisions. Quite a few Shop Owners stopped by the NeedleDeeva room. Many took home with them the Pink Skull Stitch Guide and Canvas which I recently finished. So much fun to stitch. I can't wait to get the models finished.  It has been cool stitching these Sugar Skulls. Even on the airplane, many people (young and not so young) were interested.

I have more photos from the Show to share with you.

Accoutrement Designs and 25 of their new magnets...

Some new canvases from Barbara Bergsten Designs...

Look, she has new "licensed" Sorority needlepoint, too. Barbara has the cutest Lilly Pulitzer shifts as well as awesome "beginner" canvases. I ♥ Barbara Bergsten. She is a classy lady...

Down the hall from the NeedleDeeva room was Unique NZ Designs. I currently have 2 of their Keep Calm pieces ordered from Peacock Alley Needlepoint: Keep Calm Cats and Keep Calm Halloween. (I am anticipating the Keep Calm Chocolate canvases, too.) Give Sandy/Peacock Alley Needlepoint a call if you are interested in these custom designs.

NeedleDeeva's room looked great. The 6-foot banner announced the Fab Firs. The window display showed the Fab Firs up close and in person. New shops signed up to participate in the Retailer's Club as well as made individual choices for their customers.

Here's another photo from the NeedleDeeva room. Thanks to Judee/NeedleDeeva for taking this photo. I am the cream filling between two Needlepoint icons (Jo Ippolito Christensen and Vicky De Angelis.)

Look at these fun bags from Voila. Stitch a Needlepoint Shoulder Strap (belt canvas), attach to bag and call me stylish.

I really like the Cash and Carry type shows. The atmosphere is relaxed. You are in a hotel, too. Just walk down the hallway and enter the room to your favorite designer.

No time away from home is without its cocktail hour. Here is the photo of the Vodka, Peach Schnappes, Grenadine, Orange Juice cocktail from the first day. (Still don't know its proper name. Let's just call it Tasty.)

I enjoyed attending this TNNA Fall Needlecraft Show in Baltimore. In just a few months, we will see all of the designers and shop owners again (Feb 2013) in Long Beach, CA. I have submitted 2 classes to teach. Hopefully, I will be selected to join in the fun.

But, there is still more to tell about this day: Visiting/Teaching at Bedecked and Beadazzled, don't you know. Let's begin here... the next time.

Until then... Hugs, Robin


  1. Hi Jane. Great to hear from you. Yes, it was a fabulous time. I wish everyone had a chance to experience it.


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