Friday, September 7, 2012

Baltimore/TNNA - day 1 – recap

Hi everybody… Robin here.

Here is a recap of this evening (Day 1) in Baltimore:

1. I met Jo Ippolito Christensen. You know her, right? She is the author who wrote "The Needlepoint Book" (Black Bible). I even own two copies of this book: one published in the 1970s and the other published in the 1990s. (It was my first needlepoint book… was it yours, too?) Jo was in the NeedleDeeva room, and it was Vicky De Angelis who said to me,"Robin, do you know who that is?" When the timing was right in their conversation, I introduced myself to Jo. Big moment. Jo said she is in the works of writing another book. Can't wait.

2.  I had a new cocktail. Name not yet determined. Contents: vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and grenadine.  So pretty... and tasty, too.

3.  Crab cakes. Enough said, except the restaurant was everything Leigh (Leigh Designs) spoke about from last year.  The Deeva remembered. Team Deeva went to The Elkridge Furnace Inn (circa 1744). Oh, and my meal began with a wonderful watermelon salad.

It is almost midnight so I will put this day into the record books. Tomorrow is the first full day of shopping and it will be fun seeing all of the shop owners I have met over the years.

I do plan on posting the photos tomorrow. My camera cord connector is in the Deeva's room so tonight's words will be left to your imagination.  Until tomorrow... Hugs, Robin


  1. Wow!!! Jo and yes, I have both books too. They are wonderful books and will look forward to her next book. Thanks for the heads up.

    Look forward to hearing about your trip and have fun and enjoy...the cocktail sounds darn good.

    Travel safe

    Sue V

  2. If you were at the Elkridge Furnace Inn, you were only 10 mins from my house. It's a lovely restaurant. I'm glad that you've embraced the eating of crabs. We haven't had enough of them this Summer! Enjoy your trip in Baltimore. I love hearing about everything from your point of view.


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