Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Pumpkin and The Jacquard

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Today we are going to do a Show & Tell about the Jacquard Stitch. One of my favorites. So much so, I used it on The Pumpkin. His face was prime real estate, and I wanted visual impact... drama, if you will.

Originally, I was considering the Irregular Jacquard Stitch. Nothing screams Halloween like the Irregular Jacquard Stitch. Irregular meaning the stair steps are skinny, fat, long and short... all at the same time. (Pssst... Irregular is code talk for Random.) You can see it on the outfit for the Witch. She is my perennial stitching partner.

However, since I wanted the WOW factor, I decided to go with the "regular" Jacquard Stitch. First thing I did was plan my pathways on the computer. Seeing it in front of me started to make sense. Sure do love Photoshop!

Then I stitched the Tent Stitches with the ThreadworX overdyed Kreinik. Good stuff.

Then I filled in the Diagonal Satin Stitches. Kind of gave him an intense, vibrating look. Just the right amount of drama from the first Creepy Character from NeedleDeeva.

Well, that's all for now.  Hope you are having a good weekend. I'll be back with more stitching photos of The Pumpkin (ND 0467-A). Until the next time...

Thanks, Robin


  1. Wow!! Great ideas as always. The Creeps are very special group. I look forward to stsrting them. Is there a Guide for the Mile High Princess in the first photo? She is a real "looker" At least I think she is a Mile High

    Sue V

  2. Hi Sue,

    Yes, Amy wrote the guide for the Mile High Princess witch. I think the canvas is no longer available, but if one had it in their stash, they could get the guide & threads from Amy's.

    I am looking forward to your progress on the Creeps. Thanks, Robin


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