Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hooty Owl in Needlepoint Now magazine

Hi Everybody.... Robin here.

Subscribers to Needlepoint Now magazine should be getting their copy September/October 2011 issue pretty soon. And, when you do... check out  the back cover. It's Hooty Owl from the Creepy Characters series. Then, look on page 12. There is an article about NeedleDeeva and me, as well as the complete stitch guide for Hooty. 4 pages! How exciting.

Judee/NeedleDeeva initially designed Hooty Owl (ND 0467-i) for the magazine subscribers, and for all Owl lovers, too. I really enjoyed stitching him. Some of the interesting threads I used were Fuzzy Stuff and Petite Very Velvet for a fluffy-soft Owl look.

There are beading, ribbons and Slide Bullion techniques. Needlepoint Now will be posting their technique video of the Slide Bullion, but here's the diagram from my stitch guide. I used Kreinik braid and frayed the end in order to grab one of the threads. Then I took the remaining braid bundle and slid down the pole... creating the Slide Bullion for Hooty's Feet. This is a fun technique and I used it on other Creepy Characters, too. Have you used it yet? I would love to hear from you.

Contact your Local Needlepoint Shop to order Hooty Owl or any of the Creepy Characters. Each can be purchased individually or the complete series. (On page 16 of the magazine, you can see the Participating Retailers, as well as on the Creepy Characters page of the NeedleDeeva website, too.) Well, back to printing out the 175 Devil (ND 0467-B) Stitch Guides. He's next to be sent out.

Enjoy, Robin.


  1. How exciting, Robin! If I send you my credit card number will you autograph a copy and send it to me?

  2. Hi Margaret. You can call Amy's (901) 458-6109 because they will have the magazine issue available as well as credit card processing. I'd be honored to autograph your copy! Thanks, Robin

  3. You just keep stitching entriguing canvases and keeping me drooling. I love them all. Have to look into more hours to stitch. They not only look fantastic but the techniques are so much fun. Thanks Robin

    Sue V

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Sue. I enjoying sharing what I know.

  5. Robin, I am waiting impatiently for my magazine to arrive. I love that slide bullion stitch. I made a wonderful Santa beard using that stitch and it also makes wonderful ringlets for hair. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. You are my needlepoint hero!!


  6. Oh, Becky... I am humbled and honored. YOU... are my most favorite "nudger" as you help me get toward the e-newsletter deadlines. Send me your photos of your slide bullion stitch and I will gladly post them on this blog.

  7. Robin, love Hooty. I keep checking my mailbox and no hoots are forthcoming -- yet! All of the Halloween Deeva pieces are super.

  8. Thanks, Missy. Your words are both powerful in court and in my heart. I don't have my personal copy either; just the advanced copy for the advertisers/contributors. Hugs to you.


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