Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

As Halloween time approaches, the stores are now filled with wonderful trinkets and decorations to augment and display our needlepoint.

Consider the Halloween trees. Great for hanging all of your wonderful ornaments. Check with your Florist Shops (those who decorate all-out for the seasons) as well as online (Palma alerted me to this one from Pier 1 Imports) and your local craft stores, discount and Hallmark stores. I now have 7 Halloween Trees and am always looking for more.

I made my first Halloween Tree. Took a great-looking branch when doing tree trimming, and put it into a Halloween painted bucket which had been filled with sand and gravel. My ornaments looked right at home.

The Feather wreaths are available, too. I googled black feather wreath and came up with many options from Party City, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Target,, etc. Here's 2 photos of the Creepy Characters on my black feather wreath.

Speaking of Feather Wreaths, be sure to read Michele's blog, Needlepoint Tips and Techniques. She weighed the options of DIY versus Purchase Ready Made for her new Feather Wreath. Smart lady.

Need special trinkets? Look at your local craft store or scrapbooking store. Here is what I found at a recent trip to Michael's. Yes, now is the time to add to your stash. Don't forget the Fabric shops. The Halloween Fabrics are great for table skirts or mantle scarves.

I am honing my enabling skills... learned from the best... Jane/Chilly Hollow. Go see what you can find. 'Tis the howling season. (Thanks, Michele for the great word!) And, if you come across something fabulous, be sure to let me know.

This is Lana's first Halloween. She's very interested. Until the next time.... Robin


  1. Hi Robin, I am doing your adorable Creepy Characters. I am not getting the threads with them because I want to shop my stash first. Is there a master supply list for all 9 Creeps? It would make my shopping easier. Plus I am going on a trip later this month and will be hitting a few shops and would like to be looking for the threads I need. Thanks

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Yes, there is a Master Thread list for all 9 Creeps. You can find the list by Manufacturers as well as individual Creeps; all listed on the NeedleDeeva website. (

    Here's the link:

    On that page, you will find 3 PDFs. One is the Thread List for all of the Creeps. It is a 9 page document. The next is the Thread List by Manufacturers. The last is the chance to look at the individual Creeps Thread List.

    Hope this helps. Great question. Thanks, Robin

  3. Robin that helps tremendously. I have already put the manufacturer's list into a spreadsheet. Thank you

  4. You are very welcome. Always glad to help. Be sure to send me photos so I can post them on the blog as well as on the Creepy Characters facebook page.

  5. Hi - there are 9 Creeps in the series and 10 in the pics - just curious.

  6. Good eye. Yes, there are 10 Creeps. The Skeleton (ND 0467-J) is currently being offered from Ruth Schmuff's Bedecked and Beadazzled located in the Baltimore area. Give her a call. The canvas comes with my stitch guide, too. Thanks, Robin

  7. he 10th one is the Skeleton and is exclusive to Bedecked & bedazzled in Maryland. I ordered that and it came completely kitted and it was close to $200. Many of the threads are used on other characters. 

  8. How did you attach the ornaments to the wreath?


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