Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Final bead area.

I've finished the beading.  It was really fun.  

The last area, at the top, was supposed to be string beaded...like the bottom of the sarcophagus.  I was on such a roll with the stitch beading, I just stitch beaded that area too.  Be sure to surround the area with black beads.  It is not painted that way.  If you look at it funny, you can see that it is a cuff of the hand that will hold the gold stick with the green tassel.  And that is all I left to do on this guy.  Well, except for the bullion knots on the geckos and the rat over his shoulder.  Wow.  This was a good one.  We will be getting Dev L. Man soon.  There will be a new thread in this kit that I think you are going to like.  So keep checking your mailboxes.


  1. You've done a great job and the beads look super. I am slow going..been busy with Mom so it cuts into stitching time. I think I need to change my glasses I noticed I had trouble stitching the black on the floor and the grey on grey for the background. Love that background stitch. Hard to believe we have been stitching for a year.

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Hi Sue,

    Mom comes first! I can't stitch without a magnifier any more. We have "mature" eyes.

    What a year. We can tie key life events to the Halloweenie character we were stitching...like my Mom got sick when I was working on the Wolfe. And she got better when I was stitching the Mummy.

    I can't believe we will be starting the last character. Then I think I can return to the others with a clear mind and plate, and finish them quickly. Well, that's the plan!

  3. Ditto to Sue and Peggy on the "mature" eyes! The floor area was difficult for me, too. You are so right about remembering different things that were happening in our lives as we stitched the different characters. I always remember Bride Zilla - NOT because my new daughter-in-law was one (far from it) - but because I began stitching her right after Andrew and Anna's early June wedding. Perfect timing for stitching a bride!

    Peggy, your beading is fabulous, as is all of your stitching. Your fingers were really flying on Gus. I'm "this close" to finishing the beading and then have the background, the muslin wraps, and the bottom border to finish. This character has been lots of fun!

  4. Hey, girls. I've finished my beads as well.they really do look good and I never thought I would figure this out...lol! Anxious for "the Man" to arrive. Now while I wait....on to Scott Lee! Judy Ellis


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