Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I can't believe I came home with another canvas.

Yesterday was a normal very busy day at Amy's Golden Strand.  Toward the end of the day we received a shipment of canvases from Kelly Clark.  I knew it would include a few Halloweenies and some stitch guides for the new Tassels that Kelly introduced at the January Market.  Jill took them next door to sort them out.  She came back in with two of Kelly's Halloween Apples.  "Look, aren't these great!",  she said to Amy and me.  I had not seen them yet and of course feel in love with them.  Someone said we should make shop models, (our ploy for getting to stitch them).  Amy said, " Maybe we can do some guides for them since we have so many customers who love Halloween canvases."  Jill and I squealed like a couple of ten year olds.  We actually played "enny meeny miny moe" to decide which one we would stitch.  At 4:30, Amy sat down and picked stitches and threads for BOTH canvases.  By six o'clock I was home with the canvas on bars.

I was disciplined enough to stitch some on Dev L. Mann last night.  But this afternoon, he is going to give up his dominate place in my que for a little while.  

I can't believe I came home with another canvas!


  1. Hi Robin,

    Well I am jumping for joy. I ordered two of the Halloween apples and am thrilled that Amy is working up stitch guides.
    Happy Day!!!!!

  2. I love it...LOL LOL Your my kind of gal, Peggy. I love the canvas too.

    Received my Dev L. Mann this evening and am going to sit down and read the guide and drool over the new thread and threads I ordered for another canvas.

    Sue VanderNoor

    Sue Van

  3. I would have been right there in the no willpower category with you girls. In my case, it would have been, I can't decide, I'll take them all! I also loved the bat series that Kelly had in Long Beach. I think that you might need a few of those as companions to your fabulous spooky apples.

  4. Really? I can't believe you didn't come home with more than one! What fun you all have there and as always, your work is stunning!

  5. Hi Peggy! What a HOOT! I can't wait to see the apples stitched up! Wait 'til you see my latest Halloween tiny treasure I'll be introducing at Dallas! I suspect more breeches in will-power
    to come! OH, almost Forgot....a new Halloweeny has been added...Elvira Spida. I'll be stitching her & writing a guide....Just waiting for her to come back from Painters!

  6. Hi Kelly,

    Look for Amy's Golden Strand March E-Newsletter to see what Amy, Jill and I did with your apples. You're gonna love it.

    I can't wait to see Elvira Spida. Maybe we Halloweenies stitchers will have to add another character to our display!

  7. And... let's not forget... Katt Z. Witch is part of the Halloweenies grouping. Stitch Guide by Robin King is available.



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